• First my Mom. Then Charlene. Tony. Now Charlie. They are all dead. Its all my fault will never be forgiven by them. Where ever there spirits are they are probely angry. Why does this have to happen?
    Jane say they had to die. I say that everyone was put in my life for a reason and because of me they had an untimely death. But maybe if I didnt have them in my they would all be enjoying life right now.
    "Why are you thinking like that Jamie. It wasnt your fault. You were cursed. Dont you know that everyone is put in your life for a reason. They all have roles in your life and after their role is done they die. Thats life." I heard a voice in my head.
    "Who are you?"I said. "Mia."I heard her say. "I though you were gone well thats what Jane said."I said. "Janes is stupid she doesnt know anything. But you need to understand their lives were done here they were done in this life. You need to move on." She said.
    "But I loved them I cant just move on."I said. "But you can. You just need to be strong."She said. Tears filled my eyes. Why did my life suck this much? "Jamie remember there will be people entering and leaving you life alot more than this one time so just remember that."She said.
    That was the last thing I heard her say. Ok. I have to be strong. I turned around to look at the house. I walked in. Huh.
    I walked into the room. I saw Charlies body. "I am so sorry Charlie."I said. I walked to the closet to get my clothes I quickly grabbed a small suit case and put as much colothes and all my mothers airlumes. I put them all in the bag. I went the safe and grabbed all the money in the safe and put it in a bag. I was quickly packing up my stuff when I saw a picture of Tony and Charlie.
    I grabbed it and the rest of my stuff and put it by the door. There was one last thing I had to do though. I walked up to The room where a man I was in love with layed dead. I walked over to the bed. I pulled the steak out of his back.
    I kneeled down to him. "Charlie please forgive me. I am truely sorry for this. But always know that I loved you. Goodbye."I said and after that I kissed him and walked away.
    When I was outside I looked at the house one last time. "Goodbye."I said. Then I got a match and threw it at the house.
    Flames were slowly starting to burn this house down. I walked away.
    I walked down the road. I didnt know where I was going to go but I needed to get away from that house. I finally got to town. I just decided to stay at a hotel.
    I walked into my room and just layed down. I heard some fire syrons passing by.Followed by police cars. Well there was going to be no evidence that fire burned that whole house down.
    I looked at the time and it was 5 in the morning. I decided to take a shower then go look for some apartments to rent out.
    By the end of the day I found a pretty nice apartment and it was only 200 a month. And since I had alot of money with me I payed for 4 monthes.

    It was my first night in my new place. The talk in town was all about the fire. Was anyone hurt. Did a person start it. Where is the people who lived there?
    Then I got all kinds of questions because they knew I dated Tony. All I said was i didnt know where he and his brother were.
    I layed down in my bed. I kept thinking about everyone. I closed my eyes for a minute when I hear a knock on the door.
    I get up to answer the door. "Hello can I help you?"I asked. "Hello Miss are you Jamie?" He asked. "Yes can I help you sir?"I said. "Well I am Sargent Williams. As you know there was a fire at the house where a Mr.Charlie lived and it is said that his brother Tony dated you. We just have a few questions for you."He said.
    "Well the day of I had been at the house earlier that evening to see Tony and Charlie. But then I left. And I went to go stay at a hotel because my mother had died and I had to sell my house. But I mite know what couldve started the fire. You see a house as old as that well it had really old wirering and there would be sparks sometimes so yeah."I said. Hopefully he bought my story.
    "And Mam do you know where Tony or Charlie are?"He asked. "No am sorry I dont."I said. After that he thanked me and left.

    Later that night while I was sleeping I heard a noise. I woke up. I looked around my room. "Hello."I said. "Jamie."I heard a voice say. "What. You know what whoever you are just show yourself I am a Witch I am not scared of you."I yelled.
    "Why?" I heard it say. "Why what?'' I said. "Why did you kill me."I heard it say. "Charlie?"I said. "I loved you and you killed me."He said. "Charlie you need to go. You dont belong here. I am sorry but it wasnt my choice to kill you." I said.
    "Then why are you blaming yourself?"He asked. "Because I feel respponsible for it."I said. "Then bring me back."He said. "What?I cant it is to much for me."I said, "But you love me."He said. I was trying to look for his face but it was to dark ton see.
    "Let me see your face."I said. "I cant."He said. Fine I will jut stand still.
    "Show me the way. To the man in here. Bring me....The Light."Then a bright light flashed and what I saw was not Charlie. "Tony."I said.
    "I knew it. Charlie would have shown his face."I said. But by the time the light went out he was gone.

    Was I being Haunted by the ghost of my life?..........