• Chapter 01:

    "It seems we have two new transfer students," I heard Mr. Monroe say. "Everyone, meet Adrian and Darin Madison. They transferred from Pacific Coast Academy and because of some 'unexplained reasons' they got expelled and now here."

    I rolled my eyes.Are you serious? We don't need more spoiled rich boys here, I thought. "Let's see, you two can sit next to. . . . " he mumbled. I just looked out the window already bored. "Sit next to my top student, Willow can you stand up?"

    I jerked my head and stood up, smiling innocently at Mr. Monroe. I saw the two boys smirk as they walked towards me. One of the twins sat in front of me, and the other besides me. They just smiled at me.

    Weirdo's I thought as I looked down at my notes and started to write down formula's and equations that Mr. Monroe was writing on the board. "Psst. . ." I heard. I just ignored it, I didn't have time to deal with idiots like them. "Willow!"

    I just continued to ignore them."Darin, get the hint. She doesn't want to talk to you," the one in front of me said. That's Adrian.

    "So what are we doing?" Adrian asked me, completely confused. I gave them a fake smile.

    "Just sit in your sits, and shut the ******** up," I said as I smiled. "Got that? Good."

    I looked down at my work and checked it over. Once I was absolute of my answer, I stood up and walked to Mr. Monroe's desk and showed him my work. I watched him look through it subtly.

    "Excellent work as always Willow. I presume you already know the homework," he said as he marked my notebook. I nodded. "As expected from the top student. You have free time, do what you want."

    I smiled proudly as I took my notebook back and walked back to my seat, only to be bothered by the idiot brothers.

    As I sat in my seat, I took out my book and started to read. I could hear the pencil tapping against the desk and the leg shaking and uncontrollable sighs. I gripped on my book and pursed my lips in irritation.

    "Adrian, did you ask dad if we could have the party this Friday?" Darin whispered.

    "Yeah. He was totally fine with, anyways he's going to New York. He said something about meeting his friends? I don't know, I dozed off thinking about the party." Adrian mumbled as he continued to tap his pencil against the desk.

    "Hey Willow, you wanna come to the party?" they both asked. I shut my book and glared at them as I looked at the clock. Close to the end of class. Thank god, I can't stand being close to these imbeciles, I thought as I packed my things up. They looked at me weirdly as the bell rang.

    I stood up and walked out the class and rushed to my locker to get my stuff out and on to my next class. Hopefully, I don't have those retards there.