They say there was once light. Some say there was once sunshine. A few even claim they saw the Lands of the Beyond. But no one believes them. Are they crazy? No. The world wasn't always shrouded in darkness. I've heard stories and folk tales about how the world we live in today used to be bright, and filled with happiness. I'd give anything for that life now. But I can't have it. No, Because instead, I'll be doing stupid chores and feeding chickens or something, Not saving the world. Or, So everyone thinks. I'm not just some stupid farm boy. I'm a hero. As for my name, That's not important right now. I'll think of a good one later. Now, How do I save the world...?

    "Alright, you little runt. Get up and go feed the, *Snicker* runts." "Yeah, That was so funny. Thanks for that comment, um...What's your name again?" I don't know what his name is yet, So we're going to refer to him as ???. I mean, I think he looks familiar. "Yeah, Good one. But just in case that small peanut brain of yours did forget, Name's Brian." Brian. He was an ugly farmhand. He was 5'7, Weighed 278 pounds, And smelled like rotten eggs. He wore a worn out straw hat, and the same wrinkled, blue overalls that he always wore. I wonder if he had any other outfits. "Now quit goofing around, And get out there. NOW!!!" The intensity of his voice just rose 3 levels. I didn't want him to hit me again. See, I'm the most lighthearted spirit on this hell. Some people call this a town, Even a city. I call it hell on earth. There was never any light. Not many people know why, Or can even think of a reason. And the few that can? Well, They believe it's the cruelty of everybody else that's bringing darkness into the good souls. No one knows how to stop it, but I was going to figure it out. Today, I'm running away from the farm.

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