• I sighed and focus my attention back on my drawing, bored out of my mind hating on my teachers. I was grounded. Not just, stay-in-your-room-till-you-think-of-the-consequences grounded. Nope, I wish. I was reform school grounded. Couldn’t do anything, had to stay in my dorm which was really a small room branching off into a bathroom. I looked at my wrist band and glared at it, thinking nothing will change. Shaking my head, I stood up and walked to my dresser, ready to change into my pajamas. Sighing, I threw my shirt to the floor, followed by my pants, and put my cotton Green Bay Packer’s shirt and my Cookie Monster pajama pants on.
    About to get back to my drawing, someone knocked on my window. That someone being the only person who could shine light on my horrible life. Lauren. I grinned and opened the window to let her in, she was wearing the same pants as I and a Dr. Pepper t-shirt. We grinned and looked each other over, then laughed. We were always wearing these pants, we even washed them together.
    “Exsona Kaniri, where have to been.” She asked, faking a British accent.
    “In my reform dorm with a horrible groundation.” I groaned.
    “Ha! Your missing the awesome fun in class, Mrs. Pazka hasn’t been there ever since your grounding and we have a clue less new teacher who lets us do anything. I do mean anything, Zack and Lizzy were getting it on in class today.” She laughed.
    ‘Seriously? How many people took pictures?” I asked, chucking.
    “Uhm, just about the whole the class!” She said, mocking Lizzy’s voice.
    I wrinkled my nose, “Ew! Gross!”
    She laughed and sat down on my bed, patting the part next to her for me to sit down, so I did. She poked my cheek and yelled “FISHES!” Making both of us laugh. It was inside joke, on that involved a fish, a fishing rod, peanut butter and a squirrel. It was funny.
    “I can never look at a squirrel the same again!” I squealed. A knock on the door made us go silent. I stood up cautiously and walked over to it, then opened it a crack. I didn’t know who it was, so I slammed to door shut, thankful for it being concrete. “Out the window. Now.” I ordered, rushing over to it and climbing out of it, grabbing Lauren’s hand and scrambling off the roof.
    I ran thorugh the doors to enter the dorm building and up the stairs, right to y door room door. I saw the person standing in fromt of it, waiting. So I crept up behind them and made the biggest mistake I ever could have. I whispered in there ear, “Boo.”