• Entry 1~ Lost memories

    I am writing my observations of this young man, Axel, he was brought here when Templars murdered his parents. We tried accessing the memory when he saw his parents killed but for some reason they have been locked. We can't analyze them we can't even find them. Instead we are accessing his ancestors memories from technology we stole from Abstergo thanks to Lucy and the rest of her crew, while they're doing their work with Desmond we're trying to help Axel become an assassin and try to find not the pieces of Eden but pieces of something else. We studied Leonardo da Vinci's work for his involvement with Ezio Auditore. We have discovered hidden secrets and we discovered a new Templar interest... the Fountain of Youth. Decoding the messages were difficult, but what will be even more difficult is trying to make Axel find this sacred location. But if we can't access those lost memories, then we don't know who is the Templar leader.