• Prologue

    Hi my name is Cedric and I am a sixteen year old boy. I live in Sylmar, California and go to Sylmar High School with a total of 3,800 students. I have black hair with hot pink highlights and light green eyes. I am tall and have a six pack. I am damn sexy and I always have girls that want me. The only problem is I swing the other way. I am a bird that sings another tune. My parents do not except me for who I am so I left when I was fourteen to go live with my twenty year old sister. We live in a decent sized apartment and I got a job to help her pay rent. I work as a cashier at K-Mart. What fun that is, not.
    I have a few friends, mostly girls, but I still get picked on constantly by other boys is the school because I am gay. I get called a f** almost everyday. I try not to pay attention, but that stuff really hurts sometimes. I hope that one day I will find the love of my life and that we will live happily ever after. This is my story.