• "One day, she will, tell you
    That she has had enough..."

    That was the line she sang to as she continued drawing barbed wire around her wrists and near the knuckles of her fingers. "Face Down" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus had to be her favorite song. She knew the whole song. She wasn't necessarily a wonderful singer but it was fun. Plus, who doesn't love singing loudly and off-key? She found it an amazingly fun time and did it a lot. Sometimes, a bit too much. She'll even start dancing and using her brush as a microphone. Now, that's a sight. Nevertheless, she was a practically normal girl yet she did have an insane talent...
    Sharpie tattoos. On your skin. She had drawn a realistic eagle on someone's chest once, a heart an someone's shoulder, and much, much more. But, she did take breaks and didn't do it twenty-four-seven. I know what you're thinking; Sharpie causes cancer on your skin. Well, true, but even she knows that the air you breathe is more likely to give you cancer than Sharpie. She supposed it was because of cars and pollution in that air.
    She had an arm full of tattoos and a few secret ones on her stomach. The ones on her arm were edgy and clean. The ones on her stomach had cussing and was even edgier. Her mom tried to get her to wash the stupid ink off but she never did. She took showers as little as she could and did touch-ups as they faded. Some say she looked like the girl with red hair from ink, just died down and dark-auburn hair insteead of red.
    She closed the cap of her black sharpie and then held her hand back to examine her masterpiece. Beautiful. She got up to look at them to see how others would see them and smiled. There she was. Poppy Amelia Crawford. She held her hands up and ran them through her hair, inspecting herself. Her pointed finger grazed her jaw bone and she looked at herself on the left slide and then switched to the right just as fast. Her "tats" looked perfect on her, even if she had a slightly tanner skin tone than most. Her dark hair made her look, sadly, paler though.

    To be continued