• I woke up next to Yoichi. "I think we broke the bed." he smiled. I was blushing, my face was so hot, I could've sworn steam was coming from my head. He placed his hand around me from behind. The morning sun was already up. "Do you think anyone will come up?" I asked. "Nope. No one." he whispered. "Well, I saw something last night." I said. "You saw many things last night." he pointed out. I turned to face him "Not that. I think, I think Arisa was right." I said. "Well, what did you see?" he asked. "I saw.....it's a bit hard to remember, but I remember seeing water. Like a crystal clear ice water and there was a women with long blond hair and blue eyes. She was about to drink from it, but someone came up from behind and killed her. He said 'What do you think of me now, master. Am I good enough now?'" I said. "It sounds like you're describing Yumiko's death." he said. I nodded "I think it was Yumiko! It was Yumiko when she was about to drink from the water, and this water would give her immortality. But, her apprentice stopped her and killed her! Than, he probably drank from the water and it wasn't close ones that killed the goddesses, their close ones were framed! It was the apprentice who kills all the goddesses before the turn 20! Because, now that he's immortal, no one can stop him!" I finished. Yoichi looked wide eyed at me "Uh, don't you think that's a bit far fetched?" he asked. I got a little depressed "Yeah, you're right." I sighed. "Although, Arisa's whole crazy sex thing worked, didn't it?" he mumbled to himself. "So, you think I could be right?" I asked. "You could be." he said, nodding. "Yes!" I said. Me and Yoichi sat up a while ago, and he didn't tell me at all to put the blanket around me. Although he covered himself, but I didn't really notice until he said "You wanna go again?" I looked at him, blushing a little. "Why?" I asked. "I am currently very turned on right now." he said matter-of-factly. "What are you talking about?" I asked, confused. "You're so dense." he sighed, but a small smile played on his lips. "What is it?!" I whined a bit. "You still don't have a shirt on." he smirked. My whole face turned red. Before I could move, he cupped my chin in his hand. "Hey, I don't mind." he said. "Yoichi!" I hissed. He just smiled and kissed me.


    Having a naked hot girl in bed was the best! But, the vision Sayomi saw still bothered me. I decided to just forget it until I was done. "Yoichi." she breathed. Someone knocked on the door. "Damn!" I hissed. Just than the door knob began moving. I quickly got off of Sayomi and covered the both of us. Akira barged in with some other people. "What?!" I yelled. I sat up. The blanket was covering up to my waist, but Sayomi had to stay lying down. "Well, this is pleasant." Akira said sarcastically. I glared at him "What do you want?!" I yelled again. "Sorry, but word spread. Everyone knows about Sayomi." Akira said. "You're kidding. That fast?!" Sayomi said, almost sitting up, than remembering, and lying back down. "Yes, apparently, a lot of people noticed you and Yoichi when you came here. Speaking of Yoichi. Why haven't your ears and tail gone away?" Akira asked. "Don't worry, they should go down soon." I said. Akira looked confused "I did it twice with Sayomi. Sex is my cure, was told three years ago." I smirked. Akira glared "I geuss yours is something pretty boring." I said. "Um, Yoichi, what?" Sayomi asked confused. She sat up, the blanket was slipping off her chest, so I slipped it back over her. She reached up and held the blanket in place. "Well, when a person of our kind is around the time we turn fourteen, we're warned that in three years, our ears and tail won't be able to go back in. But, we are also told what we need to do to get them back in. Mine is sex." I told her. She blushed a bit "Is sex the solution to everything in this world or something?" she said. I laughed "No. In fact, Akira's way to get them back in is.....is....is...." I burst out laughing. Akira blushed. "Yoichi!" he yelled. "To hug a dude!!!" I yelled. Sayomi tried not to laugh and buried her face in my ribs. The people who came with Akira began snickering behind him. "YOICHI!" Akira yelled. Just than, Sayomi brought her hand up to cover her mouth, and one of the buttons clicked. We all stopped laughing as someone worse than Arisa came out.

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