• What i think is what i think. You can't change me, so don't even try.
    I sit there, in an old gray rusty room. there are some with me. An eight year old, a woman within her twenties, man man that looked about 35, another woman in her fifties, and her dauter, who looked like she was about 14 or 15, and my mom. the door opend, and a man came in with two scars on either sides of his lips. his face was as pale as white face paint, and his lips were extreamly red, almost blood red. he had a purple suit, and the jacket almost went down to the floor. my mom huged me closer, and the man came towards me, grabbed my arma nd pulled me up. "no!" my mom yelled, and the 5 year old started crying. the man pulled a gun from his jacket and held it up to my head. my mom sucked in a breath, and stepped back. the man smiled and said "I am going to leave now, if any one tries to follow me, I will kill this girl" he squeezed my arm and i bit my lip in pain. the man dragged me out of the room, and down a long hallway, and into another room with wight walls, and rust stains at the top. the man let my arm go, and I started to quiver with fear. i heard something thump in one corner and looked in that direction. suddenly feeling a pain in my left cheeck, i fell to the floor on my hands and knees. There was somthing small and hard in my mouth. I spit it out, and saw that it was a tooth coverd in blood. i sucked in a breath and slapped my hand over my cheek. the man laughed, and i realized that he was crazy. "d-did you punch me?" my voice quivered "umm d-du!" he mimicked, and it only made me mad, but fear filled me to the brim. "who are you?" i asked, trying to sound brave. "me?" he asked "well i am you worst night mare" he said as he kicked me in the stomach. my eyes got wide when i heared ribs break. I caught and tried to get up and run, but 'my worst night mare' swung his arm at my face, and hit me in the nose. I fell back down and hit my head. i could feel myself blacking out, but tried to stay awake. Who knows what he would do to me. the man kicked me in the face, and that was it. i blacked out. when I woke up, I was in an unfamiliar bed, my fears grew even stronger. I saw a light flush into the room, and heard a door open. I closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep. The man turned me over so my back was up right. i felt a slight pinch in my back, and knew that he was injecting something into me, then he turned me so that I faced upwards, and he ingected something into my shoulder. the man left, and my lip quiverd. "what the heck did he do to me?" I thought. the next day, the man came back, and through me back into the room with my mom and every one ells. my mom scambled over to me and we both started crying "what did he do to you?" she cried, and I sobbed out "he injected some thing into me!" then, I suprized every one there, even my self. I started laughing histaricly, and pushed my mom away from me. i stoped, eyes wide, and starte crying again "what the heck did he do to me!" i cried out, and a laugh came from a loud speacker in the room, that terifying laugh that scared me to the core. i stared at my mother fare afew seconds, and hugged her one last time, then I fainted, and very slowly died. I got this idea form the joker from the Dark Knight. this was about 30% a dream, and 70% imagination. I hope you liked it smile