• ~Prolouge~

    Rianka didn't know where she was. "Hello? Anybody?" She screamed at nowhere. She couldn't remember where she was, how she'd gotten there. She could barely remember WHO she was!

    Suddenly, she heard a strange voice cutting through the nowhere land. Hello, The voice said. It sounded raspy and......inhuman. All Rianka knew was that she wanted out. Now.

    "Who ARE you?!?!" She yelled into the darkness surrounding her. She was at the verge of tears. Was she dead and just hadn't noticed yet? The voice replied at last, You don't know why you're here, do you? I didn't think so.....

    "What do you WANT?!?! Rianka shouted, practically in tears now. She was REALLY scared now.

    My purpose...and your own...will be reveiled to you soon enough...... The voice whispered.

    To be continued......