• She walks through the hallways everyday and glances at him.The most popular guy in school. She loved him unconditionably. She always talked to her friends about him. He never even took one look at her.He always copied her work in 4th period. She always let him have her pencils, her lunch,paper, whatever he asked. Other girls and guys made fun of her. tripping her on her way to class. The boy passed by her on his way to class as she sat there her knee skinned and bleeding. And he walked passed her. No emotion on his face. Yet she still loved him. She was the only one who loved him. Other girls only wanted him because he was popular or his looks. But she truely loved him for his everything.
    One day one of the popular girls made him invite her to a party. Of course she accepted. He said he'd pick her up at 4 on Friday. She was so excited and daydreamed about the day every single day. every minute. For the first time in her life she was happy. Friday finally came. He winked at her at lunch that day after grabbing her pizza from her tray. She ran home and got dressed in brand new clothes she bought with the money she saved. She went outside and waited at 4pm. She waited. And waited. 9pm finally came and she sat on the sidewalk of her house weeping. The make-up on her face ran down her soft cheeks. The next day she wasn't at school. And the day after that. And the week after that. And the month after that. That same popular boy started to get worried for her. His heart actually warmed up for her. He was never that two faced popular man whore. He had a good side.Honestly he did like this girl. His friends thought'd itd be funny so he went along with it.
    He walked by her house that day to see her sitting on the front step of her house crying. make-up running down her cheeks, dressed so nicely. He ran up to her screaming yelling. She dissapeared. Her mother opened up the doors and he frantically ran up to her asking where she was. The mother started to cry. She had killed herself that night. The boy was devestated. He ran home and began to cry. Everyday he passed her house. her ghost would sit there and wait for him until 9pm. And start to cry screaming his name. the razorblade sit right next to where she was sitting that night.
    3 years after her death the boy went right next to where she was sitting. Her ghost crying next to him.He reached for the razor blade. The next morning all the girl's friends and the boys' friends gathered around and saw. "I loved her, and you never did. We died next to eachother. And now I'm truely happy"
    Every night the boy and the girl sat next to eachother on the front step by her house. Together., until 9pm.