• Just great.I'm might to be late for school on my second day. Man, the teachers will just love me. I rushed to the bathroom to see how I looked; my spiky black hair with red streaks looked just about perfect and my nose stud looked fine. I grabbed my bag and ran to catch my bus. Perfect timing, the bus just stopped as soon as i got there, thank god!

    When I got on the bus almost all the seats were taken then i saw a girl about the same age as me, motioning me to sit with her. It was weird she looked exactly like me except she had no piercing and the streaks in her hair were purple.

    "Hi! I'm Ashton Prince, what's your name?" She tilted her head as if she were an angel, but that's impossible right?

    "Oh, I'm Caitlin Lucid, nice to meet you." This whole conversation seemed somewhat awkward, but she is my first friend at Restoration High.

    " You do know lucid means pure right?"she said casually.

    " Actually I didn't, that's pretty cool though." I actually never knew that but, for some reason it reminded me of mom's pure white wings before she died, it made no sense but, it still made me wonder about what I actually am.

    " I'm so stupid, your new right? I'll introduce you to some of the kids in our class. I overheard some guys talking about a cute new girl, guess they were right." she smiled and which forced me to have a somewhat awkward smile.

    " Um, trust me I'm not that cute"

    I don't think she heard me because soon enough we were at school and she grabbed my hand and dragged me to class. Within a a few seconds we were in front of Seth and another kid from our class. Seth looked somewhat surprised by me and Ashton being right in front of him.

    Ashton soon said, " This is my boyfriend, Derek Browne," as she pointed to the boy with dark brown hair and ultra green eyes, " and this is Seth Alva." She also pointed to Seth he had his black hair messy and his piercing navy blue eyes looking at me. Before I had the chance to look up, Ashton said looking at both Seth and Derek, " We can all talk later but I want to introduce Caitlin to some of my other friends!" As she dragged me once again I looked behind to see Seth with a worried look on his face and Derek barely glancing back at me. I wish I could talk to Seth already, for some reason I felt the need to talk to him.

    Soon, me and Ashton approached two other girls, one with spiky blonde hair and black streaks, the other having dirty blonde wavy hair. Pointing to the girl with black streaks she said," This is Stella Maline, just like her personality her last name means mischievous."Pointing at the other girl she said, "This is Rose Adelle, her last name means sweet, which suits her perfectly."

    " How do you know what like everyone's name means, Ashton?"

    " Well I lived around the world, almost all the last names that I know the meaning of are either German, Latin, Greek, or French. Mind you that I know 7 languages." she said proud of herself.

    " That's amazing! I don't know how you do it!"

    "Thanks...Oh god! Lunch is going to start! We are all going to be eating together that includes Seth and Derek."

    "Cool... Well, we should hurry right?" Finally a moment to talk to Seth.