• Darkness By: Christina Pollard

    Edging out of the darkness in her life had become a hard thing to do. The darkness was in her, like her very heart that beats. She pushes the darkness away in attempt to stay in the light. Without th elight, darkness would overtake her body and she would become one. She blinks her eyelids and very quietly awakens from her deep sleep. She looks around noticing how quiet it is in her dark miniscule house.
    A cold chill eneters the house though no window or door is open. Jane looks around wide-eyed and sees her darkness, "why must you come now?' "Just leave me alone!" she screamed. As she feld down the flight of stairs she jumped and soared out into the night. Jane landed with a hard thump on the cold, wet grass. "Has it gone?', Jane rubbed her arms trying to get the dark chill out of her body. She scrambled up and started walking down the forest path that she had seen many times before, but there is only one thing many did not know her boyfriend was her protector his house was located in the deepest part of the woods. "Scott, let me in!", jane yelled. Scott knew immediatley that the darkness was back he opened the door quickly and pulled her in shutting the door behind her.
    "Please Jane don't tell me it followed you here my energy source is low from the last attempt to stop it" he stated weakly.

    To be continued..........