• #On Torran

    Torran is an odd world. Its surface area is around 210 million miles making it slightly larger than the Earth. Almost all of its water lies below its surface with only a few lakes, rivers, and only one sea on the surface. There is only one rainforest on Torran that surrounds the sea’s shore about the same size as the Amazon rainforest. Massive plains thousands of miles wide broken up by massive mountain ranges miles high and dense forests also cover the world.

    On Inhabitants

    Torran is inhabited by two distinct sentient beings… Humans and Demons.

    On Humans
    Other than Chi the only thing differing between humans of Torran and Humans of Earth is the fact that humans on Torran have an average lifespan of 214 years with the oldest human living to the age of 255 years old.

    On Demons
    There are far too many kinds of demons to list but they can be divided into two general classes, High demons and Feral demons. All high demons have several characteristics in common. All High demons have two forms… human and demonic. In human form the demons takes on a human appearance to more easily interact with humans. However the form is not perfect. Few demons can appear completely human and most have little part of the demon form visible. Most demons are content to live in harmony with humans and treat them as equals. Unfortunately Torran is ruled by very violent demons… though they usually leave humans alone but do view them as inferior life forms. The average life of a high demon is 1212 years though the various types do live different spans of time with the mountain demon living the longest at 4000 years.

    On Government

    With the exception of a few tiny human kingdoms (the size of small cities) The Demon Emperor allows to exist for his amusement (basically attacking them with his armies when bored) Torran’s towns, villages and cities are run by either corrupt politicians bought by criminal organizations or by cruel demon lords personally selected to run the city/town/village… though usually only the large cities are run by demon lords.

    On Population

    Torran’s population is currently tallied at 2.6 billion split evenly between humans and demons. The demon Emperor’s capital is the largest city containing Twenty million residents.

    On Technology

    The Technology of Torran is a mixture of old and new. Cybernetics, hover technology, and Beam Swords are common though so are regular blades, and armor. Vehicles larger than a one man hover-bike (A motorcycle that hovers) are rare and only the rich (Corrupt politicians, government demons, criminal leaders) posses them and even then Hover-bikes are rare. Most travel is done either by foot, train, boat, or horse. The reason planes and other aircraft are not used is due to the large flying feral demons that attack anything airborne that enters their territory. The Beam Sword operates by extending a telescoping bar/blade from the hilt which the beam is then formed around. Swords and most armor is made from a organic metal that is harvested from the skeleton of an extremely common bull-like animal that can only be cut by a beam sword if it is wielded by a very skilled swordsman. However the armor is considerably easy to cut and usually fails after continuous battle. Guns are uncommon since most swordsman are skilled enough to deflect bullets an practically all users of Chi can toughen their skin enough to stop bullets. Cybernetics provide a variety of improvements but they all come with a high cost to humans and half-demons… they lose the ability to manipulate Chi. Only one old man knows how to implant cybernetics and allow the receiver of the implants to retain the use of chi.

    On Half-Demons

    Interbreeding between high Demons and Humans is possible but it is equivalent to rolling a dice. The child may be still born, or deformed upon birth. However if the child is healthy there are three equally common outcomes. Either the child will be just as strong as their demon parent, weaker than the demon parent, or stronger than the demon parent. However… there is the rare child who will be exponentially stronger than their parent to the point that they are taken notice of by the government and taken away. Half-demons have no demon form but they often have small demon features dependent on the type of demon their parent was.

    On Chi

    Chi is present in all living things. However only 1 in twenty humans can manipulate it where as 1 in ten demons can. Chi is used in many martial arts in a variety of ways from allowing the fighter to cause or take more damage from/with a strike, to healing injuries, and even creating attacks capable of destroying several miles of land. Using too much Chi will kill a human or half-demon but will only cause a demon to pass out from exhaustion. On average, demons and half-demons have more Chi than humans but most half demons have less Chi then demons do… however Half-demon Chi is more potent than a demons Chi (Example: A human uses Chi to punch a rock leaving a few small cracks, a demon uses the same amount of Chi and causes much larger cracks and a small fist shaped indent, a Half-demon uses the same amount as both Humans and demons and reduces the rock to rubble.) Very few demons use implants but they are common among criminals.

    On Fauna

    There are three different types of animals on Torran. Normal ones, the kind that have metallic skeletons, and Feral demons. Feral demons are highly aggressive and will attack without warning, Metal creatures aren’t as aggressive as Feral Demons but are more dangerous due to them having metal skeletons causing their horns, claws, teeth etc. to be razor sharp.

    On the Old Man

    As previously stated when a human of half-demon receives cybernetic implants they lose the ability to manipulate Chi. Only a single old man has developed a procedure that will allow a human or half-demon to retain the ability to use Chi. He is the only one that knows how and has performed the operation twelve times. These twelve are among the strongest of the planet though they either work for criminal organizations or are bandits… but now… there is another.