• The sun shined in through the bedroom window, shining down on a girl with short gray hair. She didn't mind the light and continued to sleep, smiling because of the silence. But the silence didn't last long, the door to her room was soon thrown open and it slammed against the wall. A boy with short brown hair walked over to her bed and began to shake her awake.
    "Alex, Alex wake up." the boy said loudly.
    Alex muttered something into her pillow and the boy didn't catch what she had said. He continued to shake her until she finally sat up. Her black eyes glared at him and he took a step back.
    "Why must you be such an a**?" Alex asked in a dark tone.
    "Because the a** wants you up and out of bed." he said. "Now come on, I made breakfast."
    "What!?" Alex said and stood up. "For once my brother Sorian made breakfast?!
    "Shh!!!" Sorian hissed. "You might alert...them."
    "Brother, they are like us." Alex looked at him like he was stupid. "You and I are monsters. They are monsters. We're all monsters in this god damn town!"
    "I'm not a monster." Sorian said.
    "Yea, you might not but." Alex lowered her gaze. "But I am..."
    "Come on," Sorian rested his right hand on her head. "Enough of this talk. Let's go eat breakfast before Jen does."
    Alex stayed silent as he walked out of her room. He had shut the door and she was all alone again. He bangs had fallen into place as they covered her right eye. She walked over to the window and placed her right hand on the glass. Her black eyes rested on the figure in the street. It was a demon dog chewing on a dead human, ripping it apart. Her black eyes narrowed and her reflection showed pitch black feathery angel wings.
    "No," Alex whispered. "I am alone in this world. I am my own monster."
    She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the window. "Sorian, you would never understand how much pain I've went through."
    Tears began to trickle down her cheeks and land on the window sill. "I am so sorry...Sea."