• 3nodding "Oh yeah, I have three rules to tell you, 1 practice your dance moves at the gym during dance class, rule2 make lot's of friends (which makes them vote for you the most), and finally 3 GET A BOY TO ASK YOU TO THE DANCE!!! said Valerie. "ASK a boy!!!" Madeline said seriously. "Gyeah! Anyways time to go in and check in." said Valerie. "But why do we check in?" Questioned Madeline. "Oh yeah, why we check in is because so the school knows where here." answered Valerie. "Oh okay..." said Madeline.

    question Madeline and Valerie went inside school and checked in. "Oh yes! Madeline follow me." said Valerie. Madeline followed Valerie and came to the schools counselor in the counselors room. "Valerie I only need Madeline. Thank you for bringing her here though. Now go to class Valerie." said the counselor. Valerie left the room and went to class. "Oh Madeline It's very exciting to have you to come for the last trimester!!!" The counselor said Angerly. "I'm very sorry..." said Madeline. "You should be ashamed..."said the counselor. Madeline did not like the counselor. "Now you should not get classes... You can just hang around and find friends. You will not be able to learn for the rest of the school year."said the counselor. Everything the counselor said was fine to Madeline. "I'm fine with that counselor. Anyways whats your name?" said Madeline. "My name is Miss Vann." answered Miss Vann. Madeline left the room and went to go hang around the classes but first she was thinking of it in the hallway.

    wink She thought of the rules. 1 practice your dance moves at the gym during gym class. She went through the hallway to the gym. "Is this dance class?" said Madeline to the gym teacher. "Oh yeah but I'm staying in the middle of the gym because I like the smell of sweaty socks." said the gym teacher. "EEEWWW" said Madeline in her head. "Okay show me what you got!" Madeline danced like she never did before in front of a gym teacher! "Wonderful! Now let me show you a little something to help you on that competition." said the teacher. The teacher showed Madeline the funky chicken!!!