• There is a monster inside all of us. Hidden away by our society and rules that keep us in line. I knew about this monster. I knew about the things that humans were capable of doing at their darkest hour.I thought that this monster would be locked away forever until I died. I was wrong.

    The government suddenly collapsed and with it our humanity disappeared.We killed one another.It didn't matter if this person was our brother,our mother,our very children. We only had one thought in our mind. We wanted to live. It didn't matter what we did to survive anymore. We all became monsters.

    Walking down the streets filled with blood and bodies on the ground. I held the knife that killed various people and I didn't care. All emotion was drained from me and only the pleasure of the hunt was still intact. I can't deny that I didn't get excited when I killed a person. It was a dark pleasure of mine.

    Screams, I never heard them once I dug the knife in. Blood splattered across my face once I took the knife out from their chest.I stood up and wiped the blood off. I smiled and walked on. I was a monster and there was nothing that could stop me.