• I'd Lie


    If anybody asked me who I could tell you the most about, they would receive the answer Jaques Bonnefoy.
    I could tell you what his favorite songs were. What his favorite color is, its grey by the way. I could tell you when his birthday is, July first. His eyes are from his mother, Matthew Williams. I could tell you that his motto in life is Je me souviens, which means 'I remember' and he lives up to that motto. You might be 'thanks for useless information' afterwards but its not useless. You would come back to me later and ask if I love him, I would lie and say no.
    I could tell you that he speaks French eighty percent of the time. I could tell you his favorite animal is the snowy owl. I could tell you he is the oldest child in his family. That his favorite flower is the Blue Flag Iris. I could tell you he got his ears pierced when he tried to rebel against his mother. That he is mostly quite but when he gets mad he shows the same rage he uses when he plays hockey. I could tell you so much about him, but if you ask me if I love him I would say no.
    And it would be a lie