• Chapter 1:
    Carly was standing there in the dark as still as possible. Time by time tears dropped from her eyes to her lips, the murderer was standing behind her with the gun to her back. Carly was worried as her two children were waiting at home. If Carly made a sound, looked back or even run, she would of gotten shot, It was early in the morning so the cops were searching the places that usually has the most problems at the time. As the cops were gonna drive pass, Carly Screamed, the murderer shot, BANG! he dropped the gun and ran off behind the building, he took the mask off his face and leaned back on the wall with his eyes wide open taking deep breaths, he applied fake blood to his hip, the cops got out of the car and ran behind the building and saw the murderer they touched his hip and they saw blood all over their hands.

    They eventually found out it was the murderer, Patrick Stone - FBI's 10th most wanted criminal, they found out because they discovered that the blood was fake because of the smell and the mask that he was wearing when he shot Carly was on the ground broken to pieces with FAKE BLOOD on some of the pieces. By that time Carly's children, Lisa (shes 12 years old) and Tom (Hes 10 years old) were asleep in bed.

    The next day Lisa and Tom were watching News on TV, they thought that their mother was having a deep sleep because she came home late. "Breaking News, Carly Johnson was shot last night by FBI's 10th most wanted, Patrick Stone, In previous times of Channel Seven News we announced that he escaped from Jail by finding a secret hole made earlier in the 80's or that he couldn't be found, It's finally ended because Patrick Stone has been locked up for longer than any other prisoner, here are some of his comments, I just get the feeling, when I shoot it feels good, It feels even better when I shoot somebody, It was so tempting standing there behind the lady, I guess i was meant to be a criminal, I was born as a criminal and I feel proud of myself! That's all for tonight, stay tuned tomorrow for the shocking news of the new flavor gum, Apricot.. Has it been poisoning you? we'll find out tomorrow, goodbye"

    Additional Information: Lisa and Tom are really close and they love to hang out together, they bake baked goods together, they plant flowers together, they make stuff together and then sell stuff really well together. Oh and their dad died when Lisa was four and Tom was two due to Patrick Stone.
    Why did i write this? : You'll find out