• Sitting on my bed was the best thing to do right now. I wanted to talk to no one; actually I had no one to talk to. Mommas a crazy drug addict who has been going in and out of jail for the past few months, and dad… never met ‘em. This is my perfect little story. I live in a busted up neiborhood. Ever actually been to the ghetto? Yeah I suggest you never come. It’s a small little city but the few people who live here are the people you never wish to meet.
    One day I was walking home from school at International. It’s a long walk from my house because I care for my education. Now what my momma use to always say is; “Why don’t you just go to school with all them other hood rat kids. I don’t know why you wastin’ your time, you ain’t gon’ end up no better than me!” this made me so angry every time she would say this. However back to my story, I was walking in a neiborhood and I knew nobody there, I hated having to walk everywhere but I learned to deal with it because my mother didn’t do anything for me but buy me dinner and keep a roof over my head.
    That night I hardly remembered getting home. I wished I didn’t remember at all. I walked into this liquor store and I saw this guy walking out just as I walked in. It’s hard to forget your rapist face. He had a scar right under his eye and a very dark completion. As he was walking out and I was walking in our shoulders brushed each other. As I looked back and he looked forward my heart completely stopped and his crooked smile chilled my soul. He grabbed me, took me, and used me for his own pleasure. Now… ask me if my life is messed up?