• James flips his phones up, then closed out of boredom, milking his time that awaits his arrival to school.

    Takes his pointer finger and pushes up his glasses thinking to himself momentarily, thinking if he should get his haircut or not.

    "Bangs are getting a bit long, should fix that soon" He whispers to himself as he tightens up the knots on his shoes. Blinking once or twice as he saw his reflection in the mirror while walking towards the door.

    He back steps to get a better look at the reality in front of him.
    Thinking himself as just the ordinary guy, somewhat tall, black like eyes which he questions, black hair, not a giraffe like neck, but still having one. He sighs to himself, putting on the red headphones that were once around his neck. Leaving a note on how to make breakfast for his dad who had gotten home from work a couple hours ago.

    Taking the train, with the music playing, killing the noise of the outside. He sits there patiently, calmly, no rush. Pulling up his hoodie sleeve revealing his pale skin and his silver watch that reads '7:30 A.M'.

    With the boring ride, taking his headphones off upon his arrival to the train station, which is but a mere block away, in walking terms.

    Arriving to the gate of his school gate, occasionally hearing the girls gossip and the guys goof off, he just quietly goes to his locker tossing his bookbag inside and grabbing two class worth of books.

    Sitting in the quiet classroom, he once again reveals his watch to himself, 7:42 A.M.

    James leans back in his chair, sighing tired, he closes his eyes for a few minutes. Upon opening them he sees a female face look down at him with sparkling eyes, lowering her head to meet his lips.

    After separating, she speaks, "Good morning" She whispers, as he was going to reply he feels the weight of a person sitting on him and cuddle him, he hears a mocking, squeaky voice.

    "Oh, James, do I get a kiss to?" Says the provoker, he looks to see his friend Cooper and kicks him off chuckling.

    "Dude, Cooper too early for your sick jokes." He complains. And stands up to have a pair of arms wrap around him and feels something on his back. raising his hands to meet hers, she sticks her tongue out at Cooper. "Sorry Cooper, this is mine."

    Cooper pouts, continuing his joke, "Oh, she gets a kiss and a hug!? Jennifer your just playing dirty."

    James closes his eyes for a moment thinking, opening them he speaks. "Hey cooper?"


    "Shut up."