• Mom walked into the room and just stared at us. We stared back. She pointed at us and we just stood there.
    “What,” we said together.
    “The way you are… You haven’t done that for years.” She said,” It’s new to me.”
    “We do it every night. You just don’t come in when we are like this,” Tenshi said.
    “She had a bad dream,” I said being honest.
    “I see. You had a bad dream.” Mom said looking at us funny.
    She turned around and almost walked out of the room, but we started laughing. “Mom… You have no pants on,” I said.
    “Oh,” Mom said as she turned around,” I left them on the banister in the hall.”
    “Ahh…,” I said with doubt,” My pants are in my drawers.”
    “Missy,” Mom said with playful anger,” If you...” She broke out laughing. She walked out of the room and shut the door.
    “That was awkward. Mom is weird today,” I said.
    “Yep,” Tenshi agreed,” I wonder what got her wound up.”
    I got up and went to my dresser. I pulled out a knee length black skirt and a white short-sleeve button-up shirt. I reached into the top drawer and pulled out my school tie along with red ribbon. Tenshi did the same thing. I stole her ribbon and tied it around my waist. As she chased me around our room, I started laughing hard. Tenshi started laughing, too. I stopped running and she ran into me, knocking me over. We laughed harder and then we eventually running out of air. I stood up, testing the ground to see if I could stand up. I fell over once, but got up and opened the nearest window. I stared out of it until Tenshi hugged me, pulling at the ribbon off my waist. I turned around stared into her changing eyes. They had turned an unexpected shade of bright blue. To pick on her, I pulled off her shirt as she turned around to finish packing. I grabbed her shoulders and at her back in wonder. She had a silver tattoo of what looked like wings.
    “Tenshi,” I asked,” When did you get a tattoo?”
    “I’d never!” She responded honestly,” Mom would have killed us.”
    “Just wondering because you have one on you back in the shape of wings.” I said with a tone of surprise mixed with something unknown.
    “Take a picture,” She demanded with frustration.
    I agreed and took a picture of her back with the camera from my top drawer. I handed her the camera. She flipped to view mode and just stood there for what seemed like eternity. “I didn’t ask for this.” She screamed into the air.
    She ran out of the room into Mom’s room, which was just a door down, I just stood were I was because I couldn’t move.