• I woke up to a crescent moon. "Time for work." I thought. I placed on clothes, dark purple skirt with a dark purple tubetop. Than I put on my cloak and guns. Placed on my hood and secured my strings. I met Hinata before I could get to her office. "I was looking for you!" she said, squeezing me in a bear hug. She pulled a folder out of her bag. "Here! This is your mission. Take care!" she said. I nodded and left her. I didn't have to set off just yet, so, I made my way to the roof to whatch the sunset. The roof had a few brown benches facing the egdes of the roof. The bars helped people from falling. I leaned gainst the west side bars, the direction of the sun. The sky was the color of blood, it brought back bad memories, but if I didn't face it, I would deny, than I might just go insane. There was no need for that, at least, not yet. The moon rose and I opened the portal, to the roof, surprised at my thought about how I wished to see Ark. "I must be going insane." I thought, and stepped through the portal. I was on the roof, as usual, and so was Ark, kind of expected. "How you been, Canaan?" he asked happily. He was wearing a white t-shirt with lightbrown pants that had big pockets, a black and white beaded bracelet with brown sneakers. I nodded. "You need to go, you know, kill someone?" he asked. I could tell he was uncomfortable saying it, even a little afraid. I nodded my head. He nodded too, almost like he understood. "Well, I'll see you when you get back, right?" he asked, hopeful and almost happy. It made my face warm as I nodded and left. It was on the otherside of the town. His name, Ronald Cummings. An American man. His occupation, drugdealer. He even sold drugs in the candy he sold to kids. He sold them to men and women, big and small. But, he hated his costomers, so he always put poison in each drink, killing them. So, it was my job to kill him. I aimed my shotgun at his stupid head. His head was abnormally larger than those of a human, he probably wasn't one, but that didn't matter to me. "Ready, aim, Fire!" I thought, and within two seconds, Ronald was headless and stupid in his apartment room. I sighed, "I still think you could never beat a guy like me, after all, you are just a girl" Riku said. I turned, saw his smirk, and punched him square in the face. He than had a bloody nose. "You sexist b*****d!" I thought, leaving him in a bloody mess. "I still think you got off easy" I thought, flying away. "I wonder, what the elders will do to me now?......Whatever." I thought. Ark, he had been waiting for me. When was the last time someone had done that for me? Becouse they cared? When was the last time someone was afraid I might not come back? When was the last time someone looked at me the way he did? Or greeted me the way he did? When was the last time my heart beated faster just becouse I looked a guy in the eye?

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