• I looked around there it was The White House I smiled to myself smile "Today will be great!' I said out loud. The day seemed perfect I briskly took a step off the bus and felt the cool spring breeze."Hey" I said looking at a poster on a street post Cherry-Blossom-Fest "that looks pretty cool" I took a step closer to see the date "April 21st-24th" I said so my Mom could here me. I looked down at my cell-phone "Hey...today's the 21st" I looked over at my Mom "Can we go?"I asked her "Sure we have the hole week here so why not!" I looked at my watch 9:15 "we better get going "My Grandma said "of we will be late for the Garden Tour..." She spoke happily. "People will start coming in by now and we don't want to have to sit in line"

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