• once upon a time there was a girl a young girl. simple eight year old bout average height long black hair eyes dark eyes that just saw right threw you to your soul to see you evil or you kindness. she was adored by her parents, well being a single child why wouldn't she. her mother was a simple house wife the up do blond hair with the darling pearls beautiful spring dresses. her father on the other hand was a more bland type man dark hair warm dark eyes broad shoulders real corporate. they had a wonderful life.
    but that day that fretful day that changed their whole lives, her mother was pregnant with another child. the parents were thrilled.

    "finally someone to play with our darling Katrina", her mother would say with a smile.

    but Katrina she felt it differently something terrible was going to happen. so their lives went on Katrina never once touching her mother's stomach to feel the baby.the father felt his daughter was distraught by the sudden baby

    "my dear are you not thrilled to having a new sister?" her father asked her one night while putting her to bed

    "no father i am not,that thing is a demon i do not want it", she would say stone faced

    "well you should not speak of such a word now sleep for your sister will soon be born." he said sadly

    suddenly in the depths of the night the moon set high a sudden wolf 's howl,..the baby is going to be born. the doctor came as swiftly as he could the delivery was a success the baby was healthy but unfortunately the mother was not so lucky. her father sat there with the baby in his arms crying but glad the baby lived. but Katrina did not feel the same.

    "that, that thing killed my mother to be born", she thought to her self sitting next to her mother's bed.

    the next day her mother was to be buried and on he mother's deathbed she promised herself and her mother to have revenge.

    on the way back from her mother's funeral Katrina was to sit next to her beloved baby sister looking at her sister Katrina could feel the evil the killing intent that radiated off of her. looking deep into her eyes she saw...he who should not be named or taken lightly.after that every night for a week she would have the most terrible nightmares. beasts ripping her apart limp by limp laying in a puddle of her blood standing over her would be her dear sister Damiya looking down at her with an evil smile. late one night lying in bed unable to continue with the treacherous dreams she knew what she had to do.
    once she heard the footsteps of the nanny going down stairs to her quarters Katrina swiftly and quietly moved to her sister's room picking her up gently she held her in her arms

    "i know what you are and you can stay here", she said turning and head for the staircase.

    standing near the railing katrina held out her arms with the baby in them and let go. thinking this will be the end, but oh far from it just as she let go her father appeared surprised quickly went to save the baby just in time. but before the father looked up to see who had done this katrina had stepped back out of view and slipped back into her room. that night the nightmare was ever so worse than the ones before.
    this dream bugs were crawling under her skin big black bug eating her from the inside. they came out through her nose and her ears. suddenly she awoke to gagging on her own blood she sat up quickly in bed to find that she had been bleeding from her nose she quickly got up and ran down stairs to get a wash cloth.
    as she sat there covering her nose she saw the kitchen knife laying there and slowly she reached over and grabbed it

    "i will end her",she vowed to herself

    she quickly took the knife into her room and she knew that if that thing was a demon as she saw she would need her bible and the rosary her mother had given her long before she had been pregnant then she got her holy water and drenched the knife in it hoping this would stop him.she grabbed these things and ran down to Damiya 's room she set the knife down next to her and opened the bible the bible seemed to turn the pages on its own finding the right page to rid this demon finally it stopped and she read she read and read finally she heard a low but distinctive growl.

    "it seem you do not enjoy the word of god",she said placing the book down and grabbing the knife

    "hehe. you can not kill me not even thy dear mother could contain me, he protects me, for i serve only him, as did your mother",he said in hoarse voice

    "w-what?! my mother was no servant of his!"she said a little to loud.

    she suddenly heard the father coming to the room

    "katrina what on earth are you doing,...with a knife give it here!", he said in a firm voice

    "no father i must end this",she said looking at the baby

    she began to recite the "Our Father" and swiftly before the father could make a movement drove the knife into the baby demon's chest. suddenly the ground began to shake the crib began to break apart finally a loud booming yell came from the demon it taking a step back the father slowly moved forward to see that his youngest daughter has turned in to a hideous creature horns a foot long beady eyes red as blood small claws to rip your soul out, his leg were that of a goat and his whole body was re, red as HIM.
    the father fell back onto the floor and dismay how could this be his child. suddenly he remembered something his late wife had told him. she had once said that she had once summoned a demon and tried to send it back, but it seems it had returned. katrina and her father held each other close while the beast cried out in pain then finally turned to dust.
    finally everything was quiet not a noise was heard.


    they moved out of the house that summer still haunted by the images and dreams from that house with that thing. but when they left she felt free, they were free.