• As you stared at those cold Sharingan eyes, your body became frozen. Not moving a inch as he started walking towards you, his brilliant smile still plastered on his lips.

    "Impossible." You whispered softly, terror forming inside your body. Itachi chuckled once more, stopping 3 feet away from you.

    "How is it impossible when I'm standing right here in front of your every eyes, ___." Itachi said. I slowly clenched and unclench to unfroze my numb body.

    I HAVE to get away from him, I'll be kill in an instant if I don't. You warned yourself, finally taking a step back. But that was literally the most dumbest thing you could ever do. Because once you stepped back, you felt a presence right behind you. Your reactions was very slowly as you turned around to face a shark-like man, smiling at you. Itachi act too quickly for you to do anything about as he locked both of your hands with his. Your hands burns underneath his skin as he squeeze your wrist so hard that it almost stopped the blood to flow through your hands. You cried in pain, but both of the two men stayed in silence.

    "What should we do to shut her up, Itachi?" The fish man ask. You looked over toward Itachi as he was staring intently right back at you. You bit your lip down hard to keep from crying out in pain, and saw Itachi's nodded. Knowing what you told him.

    Itachi looked at the other man."She'll be alright." Then added."See she even cooperating with us, Kisame." The fish man looked from Itachi then to you, snickering.

    Kisame? That's the fish headed freak's name? Sheesh, can't he make up another cool but corny name like hmmm, fish sticks? You said, lost in your own thought, and forgetting what kind of situation you are in.

    "What do you want with me?" You finally have the courage to ask. Itachi looks back down at you, making you feel like a small child.

    "We were request to bring you to our leader." Kisame said, snidely.

    "What for?"

    "Not really sure, he didn't explain to us much." Kisame said. You just stared at him in silence.

    "Yes, so now we must leave before the Anbu arrives." Itachi said, throwing me towards Kisame, as he started to walk away.

    "Hey!" I yelled, while you were being thrown. Apparently, Itachi was one step ahead of you when he threw you across, toward Kisame. Because he tied your wrist with chakra ropes. Kisame violently pushed me forward,and telling me to move ahead.

    How am I gonna get out of this situation.....? You ask yourself.


    As times pass on, it's been the silent treatment the whole time you three were walking. It did sorta bothered you , but you did let it pass for two and a half hours. But when it struck three, you had ENOUGH of this non-talking rule.

    "Somebody, PLEASE say something!" You called out, startling Kisame, who was now next to you. But of course, my unexpected shout didn't phase the all mighty Uchiha.

    "What do you want us to say?"Kisame question annoyingly.

    "Shut up Kisame. We're not to intervene with an outsider." Itachi warned tonelessly. You stared at the back of that son of an a*****e in disbelief.

    You have GOT to be kidding me. You thought. You wanted so much to pulverize that big headed smart-a** so much that your emotions where out of control.You can feel you chakra seeping out of your body in fury, but Itachi, once more, ignoring your chakra presence. And every tree that you pass, slowly melts like acid had been splashed on them. You also feel chills of fear coming from Kisame as he slows his pace a few feet behind me.

    Okay, ___, you've got to clam yourself down. Be patient, act your age. But come ON! I' only 16! I am NOT a adult yet,so 'll be as childish as much as I want to be! THAT'S IT!!!! You exclaim inside you mind. You sucked in a mouth full of air, ready to explode a viciously loud scream, but was interrupted. Itachi stopped to quickly in front of you to react as fast, almost making you crash into him. You regain your composure, before Itachi turns around, facing you.

    "I need to blind fold you." He said, commandingly. Before you could ask why, he took out a handkerchief, tying gently around my eyes, as if he tried not to hurt you again.

    "NOW where are you taking me?: I demanded. There was a long pause before I herd Itachi spoke.

    "To the Akatsuki Headquarters."