• ---------P.E------------
    "Phew~"She said
    "Hey hurry up!,It's not like you didn't make us have to run laps!"
    "Alright everyone we are going to play dodge-ball"The coach said.
    *Day-dreaming*:What a belly you have there coach *snore*."
    "SO?!"She yelled at him.
    Everyone laughed."You are really recovering there."
    Someone said.
    More laughing.
    As they smiled at each other brushing through their hair.
    "Hey guys i found a table for all of us"The other women said.
    "Oh great come on"He said.
    Other women:Hitomi
    "Hey Hitomi,You want a drink?"Hotsuma said.
    "No thanks."She said.
    "So,Yumino I want to talk to you about something."
    "Sure what?"Yumino replied.
    "Well you know Hotsuma and some other people worry about your health?"
    "Yeah."Yumino said with a confused look.
    "Well...ummm...can we go to the roof to talk about this?"
    As they walked at the top of the long stairs
    "So,Yumino what kind of health condition do you have?"
    "Ummm.........I just faint and have headaches alot."
    "Oh okay well Hotsuma and I are getting kind of worried about you,"
    "Well I know Hotsuma worries but when did you-"
    "Yumino,listen to me!You have nothing wrong with you every one gets headaches!"
    "But follo-"
    "Yumino,you are a very intelligent girl with a few medical problems."
    "Take care of yourself and......"
    "REST IN PEACE!!!!!"
    *She pushed Yumino down the very long stairs*
    --------------Lunch room--------
    "What happened Hitomi?"He replied.
    "What about Yumino?!"
    "She was going to the rooftop with me and she fainted while going up the stairs!!!!!"
    -----------To Be Continued----------