• "Tarak tamen" I said and the main gates opened. "Tarak tamen" Greed mumbled. I snuck to my dorm room so no students would see Greed. I got Greed into my room and tripped over one of Greed's bags. I ended up rubbing my burn of the carpet. I made a small noise of pain. Greed was looking out my window on the side of my bed on the wall, "Are you-" Greed turned to look at me, his whole face turned red, than he quickly turned away. "Are all the skirts that short?" he asked, embarresed. Suddenly, I knew what he saw. I quickly stood up and growled a bit. "Sorry, I didn't mean to see, well, you know" he said, still looking away. He got off my bed and faced me "Let me see your burn." he said. I shook my head "It's okay. It doesn't even hurt." I lied. "Just give me your arm!" Greed made a reach for my hand, I backed away, but tripped over another one of Greed's bags. Greed got his arm around my waist and hand in the back of my head and pulled me into him becouse that's the only way I could stand upright. My arms at my sides. I could feel Greed shiver a bit, "Can he feel the electricity too?" I mentally shook my head "No way" I thought. " You need to be more careful" Greed whispered to me. I pulled away "Hey, I'm the bodyguard here" I told him. He cracked a smile, but than frowned again. "Let me see your burn" he said sternly "and don't make me ask again" his gray eyes flared with the threat. I sighed and let him take hold of my arm. There was a purplish brownish mark going from the middle of the back of my hand to the end of my wrist. It didn't start the air bubbles yet. "Is magic fire more harmful than regular fire, or something?" Greed asked, a little disturbed. I yanked my hand away, but that was my mistake, my burn banged on my bookshelf/desk, and becouse of the weight of impact, it caused my hand to start bleeding. Greed eyed the blood hungrily. "Give me your hand" he commanded, it wasn't a question anymore. He grabbed my arm and stuck out his tongue. And licked it! He licked the blood, and as he did, my burn and the blood went away. His face got close to mine and he whispered "You have good tasting blood" and he licked his lips. "Good to know, mind getting off me now?" I asked him. "Sorry, but I have a hard time keeping my hands off a beautiful girl" he told me. I noticed he was a head taller than me. "What happened to the little shy boy from before?" I asked, still uncomfortable with him pressing my body against his. He smiled proudly " One of the reasons my father sent me here was to taste Mage blood. Mage blood unlocks a demons true soul. It's a quick and easy process, but that boy you saw before, was only a small part of me. Not a lie, just not whole." he said, almost reading my mind. I huffed and turned away. "Why don't you try your demon charm on some other girl" I said shooing him away while moving away to sit on my bed, trying to keep my cool but also trying to get away. He went up to me put his arms on eitherside of me, the flat of his hands on my bed. He pushed his face into mine, I backed my head away a bit "Any other wouldn't be as much fun, Izuna. You're much more...intresting." He smoothly grabbed some of my hair and kissed it "And much more beautiful." he said and kissed me. Although, I still didn't know, how much I would crave for more.

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