I don’t know how much time passed but I eventually began hearing a constant beeping sound. My wrist was in pain and my head throbbed.


    The annoying sound was getting on my nerves. I swear, each beep was louder than the previous one. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. It was all blue and fuzzy. All I could see was a silhouette so I closed my eyes. I took a deep breath and opened them again. It takes a few seconds but my sight settles. I looked at the paneled roof and to my right I saw a monitor beeping.

    I was in the hospital.

    I wiggle my toes to see if I felt them. I wiggle my left hand’s fingers. Yep, fully functioning too. I wiggle my right hand’s fingers and feel something pressing them. I turn my head and see Matt, sitting on a chair, leaning against my bed, sleeping with my fingers intertwined in his. My heart began to race. The monitor’s beep keeping pace. A small sob escaped my lips. Matt coughs and looks up with his sleepy eyes.
    “Jade?” The lone light that shined from the moon only did more in emphasizing his beautiful eyes.
    “Matt…?” My voice was hoarse so I cleared my throat.
    “Jade.” He whispered in a relief sighed. He stood up and leaned over me. The smell of coffee and mint emanating from his clothes. He kissed me, with the same subtlety as that first time.


    “I’m sorry…” He sobs. A tear rolls down his face and onto my cheek. With my aching hand, being careful with the IV stuck to it, I grab his face gently and pull him closer.
    “It wasn’t you.” He pressed his forehead against mine and the tips of our noses touched.
    “You got hurt.”
    “But I’m still here.” I rubbed his cheek with my thumb.
    “Exactly… you’re still here.” He shook his head in denial. I pulled back just enough to see his face and raise a skeptical brow.
    “What do you mean ‘Still here’? How long have I been out?”
    “Four long, sad, and miserable days…” I wiped his tear away reassuringly though I was still surprised I was out for four days when it seemed like only hours.
    “What happened?” He sighed.
    “Apparently… when James pushed you, you fell back and your head hit a small boulder that was on the grass. You lost so much blood…”
    “Wow…” was all I said. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. He kissed me again and I fell asleep.

    * * *

    It’s been a week since I got out of the hospital. I went back to school and caught up in what I missed. Ben has been making sure I drink all my prescriptions. Doctor said no coffee so I’ve been groggy since. Haven’t heard or seen of James either. Besides that, everything’s cool.

    I got out of bed on Friday and drank my morning pills. I did my day breaking routine and jogged down the stairs. The smell of coffee and eggs once again overcame me. I heard Ben chuckle.
    “I can cook anything as long as it has eggs.” He bragged to someone. I turned and saw Kim behind him on the stove.
    “Then you’d make a great baker.” He turned around with sunny sides and raised a brow.
    “Uh yeah… we’ll see about that one. Luck with it though. Oh hey, Jay.” He said as I sat down on the island.
    “Hey guys.” Kim hugged me. Kim plans on being a nurse so she got a good kick after I got out of the hospital.
    “How’s my little sister?” I chuckled. I loved Kim. She’s like the sister I always wanted.
    “Aww… look at you too. My two favorite girls are getting along. I just adore seeing you guys together like this.” Ben said. He placed the sunnies on three plates, I smile. But then poured coffee into two mugs. I frowned. “Sorry Jay-bear, no coffee.” Kim blew into her mug.
    “Don’t worry, Jay. Just wait a little.” I shrugged and ate my eggs.
    “Hey Ben.” He looked up at me. “Don’t forget you have to pick me up today for the appointment at Goldberg’s.” He nodded and sipped his coffee.
    “Hey, who knows? Maybe now he’ll let you drink some caff.” Ben said.
    “What about James?” Kim asked. Everyone went silent. The clanking of forks against dishes stopped and the air around us filled with tension. I looked down but startled up when Ben slammed his mug down spilling some onto his hand and the island.
    “Kimmy… don’t mention that b*****d’s name ever again.” Kim nodded and continued eating. I stood up and placed my plate on the sink. Everything got so quiet so suddenly.
    “HEY!” I spoke loudly. I turned around and beamed. I hugged Ben from behind and pecked him on the cheek. “Smile! We haven’t seen him so… It’s all good!” I high fived Kim, grabbed my bag and left. “DON’T FORGET GOLDBERG AFTER SCHOOL, BEN!” I yelled as I walked away.
    “OKAY!” I smiled and jumped to the sidewalk.