• CHAPTER 7: Lost in the Gummi Zone

    tab The R-Team continues on their quest for the Tide, but then, something terrible happens. “Where’s Hammy?” Asks the Tide Lady, who is slowly going to become insane because she hasn’t washed any napkins in months.

    tab They look around. No sign of Hammy. “Oh no!” screams Bromley in shock. “Hammy’s trapped in the Gummi Zone! We have to go save him!”

    tab And so, the R-Team puts off their search for Mr. T, and sets off for the Gummi Zone, so they can get their financially-troubled hamster back. About ten days, three hours, 25 minutes, 5 seconds and 12 nanoseconds later, they find themselves in the Gummi Zone. They have to find Hammy! The Gummi Zone is a world much like the Earth we live in. However, the only colour that exists there is green, because everything there is made of gummi.

    tab The R-Team sets out to look for the homeless-if-it-weren’t-a-hamster hamster. It shouldn’t be too hard to find Hammy, because everything else is green. Then, they find a pimp holding a hamster cage. “Hammy!” Calls Rickshaw.

    tab The pimp then notices the differently coloured people, and turns into a giant gummi worm. “It’s a trap! You have to pay him money so we can get out of here! But I have no money! Can you spare some money?” Hammy warns the R-Team, but They have other things in mind.

    tab “You fools,” Laughs the giant Gummi worm “You can’t defeat me, I rule this world!”
    Bromley proceeds with eating it. “My one weakeness! My sugary goodness! WOAAAAAGH I’M FREE NAO!”

    tab Bromley has single handily defeated the Gummi Worm of death, by simply eating it.
    Now the only thing that’s left to do is find a way out of the Gummi Zone, but that’s not something they can just do. They must find a way to escape, and return to the normal world so they can find Mr. T and recover the Tide.