• The year is 2042. Scientists have discovered what they believe to be an ancient ruin in the Appalachian Mountains in the United States. Many of the symbols are believed to be of ancient descent. Three weeks after, a corporation known as "Silver Blood" took over the project and has since closed it off to the public. Many of the researchers who have entered the ruin have yet to return. A man infiltrated the ruin and was horrified at the scene before him. Several scientists were torturing and killing live dragons! Hiding in the shadows, he approached one of the beasts that was chained down securely. It whispered to him, "Please. You must help me. My brothers... they've been killed. Release these bonds and I shall repay you a hundredfold. I don't want to die." Pity filled the man's heart at these words. "Listen. I'll get you out of here," he said. "You need you to be absolutely quiet. My name's Richard. Do you have a name?" The dragon did not reply.

    As Richard worked at the chains, the dragon remained silent and still, watching its captors. Richard worked as quietly as possible, trying to avoid notice. As he released the last set of chains, a passing guard noticed something wrong; the dragon was not secured. He radioed, "Subject 114 is no longer secure. Send rein--" He was cut off, or rather, his head was cut off. The body of the guard fell to the ground, leaving a pool of blood beneath him. Richard looked in horror at the dragon. He collected himself, looking at the dragon's crimson hide. Its wing dripped with blood as it turned back to face him. "Get on," it said monotonously. Richard hesitated, then climbed up on the dragon's back. The beast looked about at the tunnels. Night had fallen now, and no light from outside illuminated the true exit. The dragon trotted off down one of the passageways, ducking to avoid the low ceiling. Through the cave systems, scientists fled out of the way of the dragon.

    The pair then came to a large, cavernous room, where many more of the great reptiles were bound. The dragon looked about at the faces of each of its fellows. Few still had the fire of life flickering in their eyes, the rest hung their heads in despair. The dragon turned to Richard, who still clung to the neck of it and said, "You wanted my name. I am Arjhann. You must free my kin. I will do what I can." With that, Richard jumped off and set to work, releasing the dragons, one by one.

    After several hours, Richard finally unbound the last of the dragons. Arjhann turned to Richard and called out. "RICHARD! We must leave this place now!" Richard turned to face the exit, but his heart dropped at what he saw. More than twenty fully armed guards set the sights of their weapons on him...