• Life is just a dream... Death is yet an escape. Why was this world created? By whom? God? Or has it all been random? has what I've done all´╗┐ the way until now been meaningless? It is said imagination has no limits, but can it reach into this real world? Or were the people who said that phrase also liars? Or is life an imagination created to ruin millions of lives? I laid in bed thinking what life was outside this world, or dream. I looked up and and walked outside and drove to a near by skyscraper. I went to the top and looked up and down the city. I started to cry. I shouted out loud " What is life for? A never ending sadness ruining lives of millions? I just don't get it ?" I went closer and closer to the ledge and finally I fell. I closed my eyes and cried," Life is meaningless." I disappeared from the world. I saw light and darkness....which path shall I choose, is it going to be death or life. I walked closer but the light was too far away. Darkness came around me, I thought it was all over until...
    I was back on my feet. It was a miracle, I survived through the darkest realm of all, Hell.
    There was a note in front of me, I looked at it and read..."I am always here for you...at the darkest of times and the happiest of times.... I will always love you." I looked at the bottom of the note, it was sighed

    After I said that word in my mind, The note disappeared. Then I just noticed I was bless by god.