• Chapter 2 – The Beginning of the End

    I awoke to find myself tangled in Kurt Hummels strong arms. I sat up and glanced at him, only to find his blue eyes following me, a small smile on his face. Suddenly knocked over by a wave of self-consciousness, I feebly directed my attention to pulling my hair into a pathetic ponytail. As I was doing so, I asked him whether he had gotten any sleep last night.
    “Nearly,” he responded, “but your nightmares kept me awake.”
    My mind flickered back to the images of my father chasing me with a crowbar, yelling curses and swearing that I wasn’t his daughter.
    Strange. Those images had been so vivid; I could have sworn they were more than dreams.
    “Oh.” I mumbled, embarrassed. “Did I….say anything?”
    He flinched.

    It was either late at night or early morning when Kurt sat bolt upright in bed. Or on the chaise, as he soon remembered his location. And more importantly, his occupation, which just happened to be Kristen’s pillow. He sighed – happy to be helping her out, but distressed that his legs had no blood circulating through them. Just when he decided that the only thing he could do was to simply move over, she started speaking – if that was what you could call it. At first it was just muffled noises that he couldn’t make out, but then it became a distinct calling. “No…no…no…” he watched her carefully. “No….Kurt. Kurt. Mmm…” his eyes widened. “Please….” He held one arm around her strongly, and the other wiped her damp forehead, kissing it softly as he did so. “Kurt…don’t let me go.”
    “I won’t, Kristen. I’m here.”

    I watched as Kurt pointedly stared at his hands, clearly reminiscing something. I stretched sheepishly, yawning as I did so. “Well I’m sorry about whatever I did. Or said. I’ll make a point to duct tape my mouth closed and bind myself before sleeping.” With this statement he looked up, shaking his head softly. Rolling my eyes and mumbling something about bullshit, I arose from the chaise and headed to where I vaguely remembered the bathroom being. Locking the door behind me, I briefly glanced at my reflection before washing my face with the cold water. Drying it with a towel that was hanging beside the sink, I left the room and went down the stairs to the basement. Kurt, not realising that I was there, was picking out designer clothes to wear. Settling on some expensive jeans and an obviously over-priced jacket, he turned around and headed for behind the privacy partition. Seeing me standing on the stairs, he frowned, before an evil grin played upon his angelic features.
    “Oh no.” I sighed.
    “Oh yes.
    We’re going shopping.”

    “Kurt, please. I’m literally begging you. My clothes are fine! I don’t need new ones!”
    Already dressed, he turned and looked at me, one delicate eyebrow raised.
    “Oh really. And which one of us is going to go over to your house where your father is and get them? Because that certainly won’t be me.”
    Seeing my torn face, he smirked. “Exactly.” And with that, he grabbed my hand and forcefully led me towards his closet. Apparently knowing exactly what he was doing, he selected some jeans, a shirt and a belt. Pushing me behind the partition, he waited for me to get changed. I sighed as I reluctantly pulled the clothes on. I wasn’t even going to ask why he had women’s clothes in his closet that were my perfect size.
    There was no mirror to look myself over in, so the only other choice I had was to step out from behind the partition and face Kurt’s look over. Internally bracing myself, I stepped out. I stared at my hands as he playfully smiled, walking around me, making sure I looked good from all angles.
    “You look amazing.” Seeing me about to rebuke, he took my hand and led me to the mirror. The girl in the mirror did indeed look amazing. A slimming black shirt clashed well with the grey jeans, and the colours suited her perfectly. I turned and gave him a brief hug.
    “Thanks…I guess I do need to trust you more.”
    “Of course you do. Now let’s get some breakfast – we have a big day ahead of us.”

    * * * * * * *

    I had originally been wondering what Kurt’s dad would say when he woke up to find a stranger in his house, sleeping with his gay son. But apparently Kurt had this covered – his dad had gone down at night to check on him when he found me asleep in his arms. Kurt had quickly told him what had happened, and Burt had agreed to let me stay until things got sorted out.
    Sitting down at their table, I began to eat my breakfast, nervously awaiting the arrival of Burt. As I finished my toast, Kurt sat down to eat, and I went to wash my dishes. While placing the cleaned plate and cup in the cupboards, Kurt’s dad came down. Seeing me putting my stuff away, he smiled gruffly. “Nice to meet you, Kristen.” He shook my hand as I attempted what I hoped was a smile back. My hand nearly suffocated in his strong grasp. Kurt, seeing me finished, stood up and briskly walked over to me.
    “Morning, dad. Kristen and I are going to go shopping to get her some clothes.”
    “Oh lord. Good luck, Kristen. And Kurt?”
    “Yes, dad?”
    “Try not to get carried away.”
    Kurt rolled his eyes adorably as he strode purposefully out of the room. Bidding Burt a good day, I followed suit, except less arrogantly.
    I hoped.