• Finally, we've teleported. Apparently, this powerful force has taken us to an unknown forest, not the one we've been to previous where we were battling the British. This was no other forest; all the trees are dark colored---is there a haunting nearby? Eh, no matter... but anyway, the second we were warped, we noticed a small group of kokeshi dolls occupying the campsite. I guess this means that place is controlled by the kokeshi dolls. Well, who's leading them, anyway?

    [15 minutes after we settled...]

    Megumi Tekarukite: This place is so dark.

    Ada Tekarukite: It sure gives me the creeps.

    Soren Whisperwind: This doesn't look anything like the forest we were in when we were battling the British. I also sense an evil presence around here.

    Me: This is where we would occupy, but not where we're standing. There has to be a camp site somewhere around here and I suggest that we move out ASAP. Let's go!

    [we then begin to move out as we stay along the path. Suddenly, my PDA rings...]

    Shinji Mimura: [his voice can be heard by anyone around me] Dave, are you there? This is Shinji---can you hear me?

    Me: Loud and clear, Mimura. Teleportation was a success.

    Shinji Mimura: Good. Where are you guys?

    Me: We're in some kind of forest. All the trees appear to be having their dark pines and leaves.

    Shinji Mimura: You better be careful, Dave. Something tells me that there could be some kind of dark presence nearby. Even my monitors are signaling them where I am, although I can't detect anything else.

    Me: Don't worry; we'll be fine. It's not like the whole undead legion has overwhelmed this area where we are now.

    Shinji Mimura: You'll never know, man. There could be animated around here. Just stay on your toes and don't hold back.

    Me: I'm on it.

    Noriko Sanban: Hey, do you hear something?

    Me: What?

    Noriko Sanban: [looks around] I could have sworn that there was something following us.

    [everyone starts to look around]

    Me: [three-second silence] Eh, I don't see anything. You must be imagining things.

    Noriko Sanban: Well, I thought I saw something like a ghost lantern.

    Soren Whisperwind: There aren't any around here from what I'm seeing.

    Me: We'll worry about that later. We're just gonna have to--- [notices a group of kokeshi dolls walking by] What the hell?

    Soren Whisperwind: What?

    Noriko Sanban: Are those kokeshi dolls?

    Baruch van Austins: I think they may be up to something. Let's get them!

    Me: [stops Baruch] Wait, are you insane? We can't just attack right away, man.

    Soren Whisperwind: He's right. We're gonna have to blend in and follow what they're up to. There could be someone under Denzel Crassus' orders to secure some areas around here. We just need tactics.

    Baruch van Austins: What kinds?

    Me: Let's just follow them. If they turn around and see us, we attack. Come on!

    [in next to no time, we began to follow what the kokeshi dolls were up to. Then, we came across one of their base camps]

    Baruch van Austins: It's the kokeshi doll base camp.

    Me: This isn't the only one. There could be the others around here.

    Soren Whisperwind: Do you have any plan in mind?

    Me: I have no idea. They appear to be engaging in trades.

    Noriko Sanban: What kinds?

    Ada Tekarukite: Probably they need funds and other technology to strengthen their army.

    Megumi Tekarukite: They must be training for later invasions.

    Me: I don't want to find out later what they're up to. We might as well stop them beforehand. I'm not taking any chances of waiting. You guys ready?

    [everyone starts to buff]

    Me: Alright. We're going to attack---EVERYONE PUSH FORWARD!!!!!

    (End of Chapter 10, Part 4)