• "SAM! Hey SAM! Wake up already!!" A loud voice ringing in my ear, took me out of my sweet dreams. "WAKE UP!" a warm voice called, "where gonna be late for class!" Rubbing my eyes, i found my best friend Lyan on top of me. "Ew! you perv! get off me! how'd you get in my apartment?" "sorry sheesh you left the door open". "Oh i did??" "Yup!" he smiled. Somewhere between middle school or so, i met this lovely creature. His eyes so blue, and his skin was so pale. The most honest and realiable person iv'e ever met. Even thought he was kinda pervyish, and goofy, he became my best friend in about five secounds (so it seemed). "Is sleepy head day dreaming again?" he chuckled. "No! im waiting for you to leave, so i can get changed!" i screamed. As he blushed, i quickly swopped on my school uniform, before the freak possibly came back.

    "Ah! schools boring." he yawned while i was takeing a make up test. "Will you hush! i was sick last week and need to make this up! Can you help a woman out, and put a zip at the lip?" "Oh sorry!" he screamed across the room.

    "Ms. Sammantha, please be quiet." My English teacher sternly said, "Why me...why me" i whine. "Well at least its friday! no school tommorow!", Lyan assured me.

    The school bell rang, "Finallly the weekend." "Hey sam!" Lyan ran up to me, are you busy tommorow?" "um no, why?" "oh well i wanted to know if you would like to hang out." "Um ok" i said happily. "Well you know where i live right?" Suddenly the thought struck me, Lyan, i had known him for 2 years now yet, it seems i don't know anything about him. I know his parents died when before he was born but, i dont even know what foster home he goes to! "Sam?" he searches my face trying to find a answer to his question, "Um why don't i just pick you up? I mean i know your place quite well!" he snickers. "Yea, i can defently know that you know my place. Since you like to harrass me in the morning." i mumbled. "Sam! im appauled!" he laughed, "I thought you loved my daily visits?" "yup i just love 'em so much, i barely remembered to thank you for your visits." "AW! you little suck up" he laughed, "Well i'll see you tommorow, k sam?" "K cya!"

    As soon as i got home i put my bookbag on the ground, and plopped on the bead like a little couch potato. Suddenly my phone rang, checking the caller ID i discovered it was Lyan. "Hello, Lyan?" "Sam..." i heard a voice crack threw the phone, "Lyan you ok?" "i...i..." i heard the voice stutter. What was going on, it sounded like Lyan was in pain, or depression. "Lyan whats wrong tell me." "Im sorry sam... i...i can't hang out with you tommorow." "wh.." i started but, Lyan interupted. "I can't sorry! bye!"