• There was a high school boy named Charlie who was poor and has so much bad luck every year. Everyone in high school thinks that Charlie was ridiculous. So Charlie ignored them and he walked away. He slipped on the floor and the janitor came over him "Hey! Can't you see the SIGN?!! mad . you moron!" screamed the janitor. "I'm sorry i didn't saw it, it was an accident you damn hippie!" said Charlie. After school the janitor boots Charlie out for calling him hippie because the janitor looks like a hippie to me. Charlie yelled at the janitor hippie "You damned hippie!!" stressed So he went home, and his pockets are messed up and ripped off. " Damn! My money!" said Charlie. They laughed at him after his pockets are ripped lol . He got bad luck again! His home was an orphanage home for orphans. And a stranger was standing on the front door. Aren't you Charlie?..... What happens next?

    End part 1