• The quiet darkness consuming and everlasting, a see of shadow and nothingness. Quiet and calm, yet cold and lonely. I float here, in nothingness, quit, for how long? Seconds? Hours? Days? Years? Time seems to not exist here, the stench of blood though fills the air like a sick miasma, its looming and consuming presence. Is it my poison reaching out to me? Or a past I don’t want to remember? Or maybe a truth I should never know, yet will one day face, in pain and sadness. All is dark, the stench of blood still looming, and the screaming, the screaming. Why is there screaming?


    I awake to the screaming of May and June.

    “Holy crap! Your alive!” June blurts out, her tone of sadness and yet a touch a heavy weight being lifted.

    I look over at may, her tender white face and shining gold eyes, filled with pain and worry.

    I slowly start to stand up, light fills parts of the room through holes in the ceiling.

    “Where am I?”I slowly start to sit up, pain hitting me like a hammer, I scrunch over, the burning in my hands and head intense. I hold my hands, covered in bandages, close to me. The sting in my head continues to flame, the bandages fall off, there stained with blood.

    “Your not fully recovered yet, don’t move too much” May lays me back down, she drapes the wound with a soft towel and, in a language I’ve never heard, asks for more bandages. I lay there, the room dark, only May and June are visible. In the shadows, dim lights float in the air, like leaves on water. The demonish yellow and bloody crimson is memorizing, then pop up two silver lights. There soft warm glow shine brightly over the dark malice filled lights. They slowly glimmer in one spot, then May calls out in her alien tongue “Bring the bandages tiff.” A short, pale women, dressed in black walks out, then it hits me, these lights are all unforgiven. Tiff, slowly walks over, bloody bandages over her cheeks, and again in there alien tongue, may tells her, “We need to change those bloody bandages.” Tiff softly nods and hands May the bandages.

    I sit up, May tries to lay me down again, but I push her away. “What time is it?” May sits there in a trance, I ask again, “What ******** time is it already!” June jams her face right in front of mine.

    After a few seconds of her pondering in my eyes, she asks “When did you learn the language of demons.” I sit there dumbfounded, as I realize I was talking in there tongue.

    “Just give me the god damn time already.” This time in English.

    “7:59” May proclaims behind me. I quickly stand up and head for the stairs, my vision blurred and body weak I quickly stagger over the stairs, “Stop!” I hear behind me. I crawl into the light, about to head up the stairs, as a strong hand grabs me and tosses me onto the wall, his skin is burning from the light “The princess has ordered you to stop” he twitches as he stands in the indirect sunlight. I grab his weakening body and push him into the shadows, “Calm down! I’m trying to keep hunters away from here. If I don’t go to school, we’ll have trigger happy dumbasses up our a**.” He falls on the ground, the damaged he sustained is severe.

    “Thank you Ivan, you tried,” May comes from behind me and grabs his hand, “Don’t be foolish though, going into even indirect sunlight is bad for you, you know you were born weak.” I quickly walk up the stairs. “Wait!” May calls out, I rip out the bandages, my wounds fully healed.

    “Tell your friend, I respect him,” I make it to the top of the stairs almost instantly, “but trust me, I know if I don’t go to school today, there will be more trigger happy hunters then we can handle. I’ll take some weapons, will you be ok with it then?” she nods, I quickly go to my room, stagger in, my injuries aren’t healed fully, but enough to fake it. I quickly get my pack of throwing knifes and put them inside my black jeans, holstering it to the waist. I place my 17” United Marine Force Recon Night Stalker Bowie that I added a layer of silver over the edge. I clip the knife holster onto the inside of my black trench coat. I put my Black Colt Special Combat Custom with an extended barrel and a red dot sight and silencer. I strap it onto the inside of my trench coat. I put on my black jeans and my purple t-shirt. I free dress days. I swing the trench coat on and head out to the front door, as I pass the basement stairway, I hear May scream out, “Be safe!”

    I head out the door and sprint around the corner. I stop sprinting, panting for air, grasping my hand wounds. Slowly I walk down the streets, after a few twists and turns down a few streets, I get to the school, it’s a large two story gigantic block. I run to the entrance, no Sally the security guard. I stop, she is always here, and her break isn’t till 11’30. I look for my cell, its not in my pockets. I try to open the door, its unlocked, now I know something’s wrong. I open the door and walk in, the worst mistake of my life, and maybe even my last this time.