• The mood of death still surrounded me. Even after they said I could see my family, my wife, my baby girl, my parents… “I feel like I can’t breath” I mumbled to the male nurse in the back of the ambulance. He absent mindedly checked my vitals. “Nothings wrong. It’s just the stress, messing with your head.” He stated this coldly, scowling at me as I turned back to the small cold window. I saw dead farms flash by, frozen from the chill of winter. A little like my life, I thought, waiting for that little ray of sunshine to grab a hold of, to grown from. Ha, like anyone would let me recover from this sick and twisted rumor. The ambulance lurched to a stop and my face was slammed into the window, the male-nurse smiled at my wince from the shiver that ran my spine from the cold window, his yellowing teeth gleaming. He stood to open the doors, “Welcome back to civilization.” He said. His hand waved in the direction of the cutting crisp empty parking lot.
    The only person waiting was my sister.