• Amaya's POV

    Amaya: School sure was boring today...then again its allways boring....and so is life, I wish something new and exciting would happen. *As she was talking to herself, Amaya didnt realize that she had walked down a different street than she usually did, and found herself in a neighborhood she didnt recognize, she peeked down an ally way and she saw what looked like a boy lying on the ground, curious and concernd she walked into the ally and got a good look at the boy* Amaya: Excuse me, are you allright? Mysterious boy:....... Amaya: Do you need help? You look like your hurt. *Amaya noticed he had some blood on his leg, she reached for his leg and pulled up his pant leg to see, the wound was pretty deep, and it looked like it was starting to get infected. Amaya: I have some stuff wiht me that can help, if you let me. *The boy nods his head slightly allowing her to help. Amaya whent threw her back grabbing a water bottle, she grabbed an old gym shirt from her bag and tore a peice off of it, she washed the wound and wrapped his leg up.* Mysterious boy: You're the first.... Amaya: Excuse me? Mysterious boy: I've been lying here for almost a day.....and many have walked by, looked down here and kept walking by, your the first ti acutally come donw here and help, why? Amaya: Why not? Why shouldn't I help you? Mysterious boy: You dont know about me? Amaya: Nope, I've never seen you before. Mysterious boy:Hmph....well its ok....thanks for the help *The boy stands up and limply walks away.* Amaya: Wait! *The boy stops and turns around* Amaya: Whats your name? Will I ever see you again? Mysterious boy: Takashi......Takashi Tekarei. Amaya: Well Takashi my name is Amaya Hiroshi. Takashi: Ayama huh? Night sky.... *Takashi walks of into the night* Ayama: Well that was an interesting night.