• (Ten minutes later, Jada runs though the hallway and tries to sneak in the classroom.)

    Ms. Martinez: Well well well, look who decided to show up late on a test day!

    Jada: Sorry, I woke up late.

    Ms. Martinez: This is the third time and each time you said the same thing.

    Jada: But it’s true!

    Ms. Martinez: That’s enough young lady, sit down!

    Jada:*pouts and sits down*

    Ms. Martinez: Now since Ms. Anderson has so much mouth, you all only have 20 minutes to finish.

    (All the kids groan.)

    Kid 1: Hey, that’s not fair!

    Kid 2: Yeah, Jada didn’t even do anything.

    Ms. Martinez: That’s it! All of you fail!

    Jada: Hey, you can’t!...

    Ms. Martinez: Shush, one more word out of you and I’ll fail you for the entire marking period!

    Jada:*stands up* C’mon ya old bat! Gimme a break, I stayed up all night studying for that test!!*realizes what she just said* Oops…

    (Everyone looks at her with their mouths open.)

    Ms. Martinez:*stammering* W-what did you just call me?!

    Nada middle school yard, 12:20pm

    (All the children are having recess; Knights and a couple of other boys are at the top left of the school yard talking.)

    Guy 1: Hey guys! Take a look at this.*smirks and flashes a 10 crt diamond necklace*

    (They boys gaze at it with amazement.)

    Guy 3: Wow, is that real?! It musta cost a fortune!

    Guy 1: Of course it is, only the finest for my darling.

    Guy 2:*dramatic* I’ve been your friend for 2 years and you’ve never brought me diamonds.

    Guy 4: Damn Danny, are you givin her a gift or proposing?

    Danny:*blushes*N-No! But do you think she’ll like it? Is it too small??

    Buy 3: Of course she would, who wouldn’t? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend after all.

    Danny: Hmm…I don’t know…What do you think, Knights?

    Knights:*not paying attention*

    Danny: Knights? Knights?!

    Knights: Hm? Oh yeah, go for it.

    Guy 2: Hey watza matta?

    Knights: Nothin

    Danny:*smiles*Aww you’re worried about your girlfriend again, aren’t you?

    Guy 3:*smirks slyly* Yup, he gets like this every time Jada’s missin from recess by a couple minutes.

    Knights:*blushes alittle* I’m just alittle worried about why she’s not here, that’s all!

    Guy:*puts his hand on Knights’ shoulder*Aww don’t be embarrassed, I’m not mad at cha! If Jada was my girlfriend, I’d fantasize about her too.*perverted laugh;drools*


    (The boys laugh.)

    Knights: You guys are so nasty!...Huh?*looks at the school doors*

    (Jada walks out of the school into the school yard; the Principal pokes his head out the door.)

    Principal: Afterschool, my office, not a minute late.

    Jada: Yes sir

    (The principal shuts the door; Jada sighs and walks down the steps.)

    Jada: ~Aw damnit! I can’t believe I got detention for the 3rd time this week. If my mom finds out, I’m in so much trouble…~ Oh why me?!

    Knights: Jada!*hugs her*

    Jada:*smiles* Oh hey Knights.

    Knights: Where were you? Lunch is half way over.

    Jada:*nervous* Uh, well I…

    (2 boys from Jada’s class walk pass.)

    Boy 1: Hey Jada, good job standin up to the witch!

    Boy 2: Yeah, didn’t know you had it in ya. *smirks*

    Jada:*smiles nervously* Uh thanks…

    Knights: Witch? Jada don’t tell me you’re fightin with Ms. Martinez again!

    Jada:*pouts* It’s not my fault she’s such a b***h! She even threatened to fail me. I couldn’t just let her accuse me of something I didn’t do!

    Knights:*sighs* You and your temper, what am I gonna do with you? I even went to the trouble of buying you this since you were studying so hard this week…*shows her a mini calico cat plushie*

    Jada:*starry-eyed* Is that the cute mini version of my kitty that I just luv to snuggle and huggle and squeeze and kiss?!

    Knights: *nods* Yup, the exact one from the store.

    Jada: Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you got it for me!*tackle hugs him* Thank you! Thank you! Thank yooou!!

    Knights:*chuckles* Don’t thank me yet, this didn’t come cheap you know, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to charge ya.

    Jada: Huh? Oh well I don’t have my wallet on me right now, I’ll pay you back tomorrow.

    (Jada starts to pull away from Knights but he wraps his arms around her; Jada looks at him, blushing.)

    Knights:*smirks*No, I think I’ll collect my fee right now…*leans forward to kiss her*

    (Before their lips met, Knights friends come over and Guy 3 punches him on his head.)

    Guy *blushing*Aw Knights, you playa you!

    Danny: Wow Knights, you’re amazing! Can I use that line you said when I give the present to my girlfriend?

    Knights:*pissed* Can’t you see I’m alittle BUSY here?!

    Jada: Hi guys!

    Guys: Hellooo Jada!

    Guy 2:*grins* You look so look so cute today.

    Jada:*giggles*Aw do ya think so?

    Guy 4:*pushes Guy 2 out of the way; grabs Jada's hand* Why hello Madame, you’re as beautiful as the first time I laid eyes on you.

    Jada: *nervously* Uh thanks Glen…

    Glen: Have I ever told you that your beauty radiates like the sun??

    Knights:*hugs Jada and pulls her away* Hey, back off she’s taken!