• “I know I did it! I just mean…couldn’t you get in some serious trouble for this?”

    Ryder looked at me as he dragged me to the cash register and pushed a couple buttons, puts his hand on the hand print and out pops the jaw of the register.

    “Eh, not sure. Probably.”

    I gaped at him. “Ry—“

    “Shh! Don’t worry about it,” he said and smiled. My insides melted.

    “Okay,” I said with a dorky smile. He seemed to notice and laughed a little.

    “I’ll show you what we can do with this,” He said grabbing a handful. I nodded. He took my hand again and towed me toward the entrance where I had been.

    “I’d like to show you what I can do to you…” I muttered too quietly for him to hear.

    I slid into the car, positioned my foot on the gas and revved the engine. I grinned in the process. It was a 2014 Chevy Camaro. Bright blue. With two white stripes gliding now the top of it. Beauty.

    “Ready. Set. Go!”

    I flattened the pedal to the floor and clenched my teeth as the car accelerated across the road and ran into an old 1995 black Dodge Viper.

    “Hey!” Ryder yelled and pushed his elbow into mine. I giggled and put the Camaro into 4th gear and raced ahead of him. Ryder laughed. I was having the most fun I’ve ever had! Ryder shifted into 5th and sped up with me. The car games sat side by side and if you put the money in at the same time, you play each other. The sun pierced the bright blue Camaro and glinted off. I was winning and Ryder knew it. Though he seemed calm and serious but still had a playfulness about him.

    “You’re going to loose,” I said giggling.

    “I don’t think so,” he said back with a smile and a quick poke at my thigh. I jumped surprised and looked down. That’s when I got distracted and fell behind just a little.

    “Not fair! Can’t do that!” Ryder just chuckled and kept on going. He was going to let me win as the black Viper slowed a little. I smirked and sped up faster. I didn’t see the corner like Ryder did. It came quickly. I turned at almost 200 MPH. I slid into the railing. Ryder slammed on the breaks and slid around the corner easily then sped back up leaving me in the dust. He blasted across the finish line in all his glory as I tried quickly to get back to start.

    “Player 2 has won!” The machine told us.

    “Yeah, yeah!” I said annoyed.

    Ryder just laughed. “You’re a sore loser,” he said. I started to get mad.

    “I’m not a sore loser! I just don’t lose at this kind of stuff,” I said frustrated. He won, I usually win. In everything.

    He suddenly got serious. “Well that’s life.” He stood up and walked down past the gumball machines and back into Wal-Mart. I frowned and crossed my arms. He can’t just run away! He’s not supposed to do that…What am I saying? I sound so vain. I took off after Ryder and saw he was walking toward the cold cooler with drinks in it.

    “Ryder wait, please,” I said and he stopped at the cooler and got a water out. He had his back to me. It rippled as he turned the cap off the water. He didn’t drink. “I’m sorry. I just am not used to this kind of stuff…you know interacting with people…boys…..Again, I’m sorry.” I let out a breathe and realized something right there as I watched Ryder’s back. He was too good for me. Or maybe I was better then that? That’s what dad would say but do I really feel that? I didn’t want to be. My dad raised me to be better then everyone. But I didn’t want to be.

    Ryder didn’t think he was better then anyone and look how much fun he’s having! I want that. At least for now. Until dad gets his hands on me I guess. Ryder turned around and looked down at me. His purple eyes were calm and cool and every bit as tempting as the rest of him.

    “Want to play some pool?”

    I opened my mouth to complain about what I thought he was going to say but closed my mouth. “Huh?” I asked. He smiled.

    “Do you want to go play a game of pool? They have pool tables in the back and I already programmed my hand print into it.” I bit my lip and laughed.

    “Sure, I guess.”

    He took my hand softly and slowly we walked back to the games.