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    The party don't start 'till I walk in. . Wait sorry this isn't a popular song made by an untalented singer or anything. Anyway, Mara and I walk inside my crib.
    "Hey baby," says Mara, "Can you get me a family size bag of Cheetos?"
    "Calling me baby doesn't help, and we ran out of Cheetos from the last party you threw at my house."
    "Not my fault you live alone with snacks, Ray. Can you open this can of soda? I'm too lazy."
    "YOU need help opening a can of soda? You help your dad with heavy machinery and are way more buff then I am, and you're asking ME to open your soda?"
    "Yep," grinned Mara.
    I grabbed the soda and chucked it at the wall. Turns out it was my rubber wall that I had installed in because I was scared that I would trip and hit my head on the wall. Now that you think of it, my head would just boing off the wall and I would have a bigger impact on the floor, oh well. Anyway the can propelled off the rubber wall and smashed into my ribcage causing soda to combust, and drip down into my giggity region.
    "L O L!," Screamed Mara. "Ray stop wetting yourself."
    "Mara, you're my best friend ever, you know that?"
    "Yeah, I know. Now get your butt to your room and change."