• Now this is my very first story that I’m going to type all the way through. Let’s just see if it is good enough. Well, here goes… something. Oh yeah, and Italicized words mean current thoughts, or dreams. The 3 plus signs mean that I’m changing POV, 3 asterisks mean a small or large time jump, and 3 diamonds mean that it’s a flashback. And, "bold" darkness voice of a character; bold, Italicized words are evil thoughts; and bold is evil narration.
    . Ok. ^,^

    Keya Buraidu

    I was tapping my purple mechanical pencil and biting the inside of my lips, wondering when an idea for my essay would enter my bored mind.
    I have to write this journal-style essay for my English class and it’s due tomorrow. Where did all of my creative thoughts go? I constantly checked my watch wondering how much time had passed since I started to plan my essay. About 15 minutes have passed…grrr! There’s really nothing interesting going on in my life right now. My best friend, Alexia, and her boyfriend, Delano, think that I’m just lonely and need a boyfriend…maybe they’re right; maybe I just don’t want to admit that I’m pathetic enough to ‘ need’ a boyfriend in order to make my life interesting. I really don’t know, but either way, Delano and Alexia are trying to set me up with one of Delano’s friends. (sigh) He does sound pretty nice, but I don’t know if I want to date a friend of Delano, I don’t exactly trust him. With my luck, my next relationship will end only a few weeks after it starts, and I don’t know if I’m up to any more heartbreak, I really have to learn how to keep my heart guarded :/. (sigh)…Wow! I really do have ADD! I just wasted so much time daydreaming!…I know! I’ll just write about how I spend my evenings after school. Let’s see, well, I usually play ‘Kingdom Hearts II’ when I get home, or any other Final Fantasy game that I have, okay and…. I started to write like the wind and soon enough, I was halfway through; however, it wasn’t long until I heard the ‘Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare’ play from my cell phone.
    “Hey Makoto! What’s up?” Makoto is my best guy friend; he has always been there for me over the years. I really like him, but I can’t date him, it’s complicated, he was best friends with a guy that I dated a long while back, and he wouldn’t do that to his friend. However… he hasn’t been talking to his friend lately, I don’t know if they are even friends anymore.
    “Not much here, but, I was wondering if you’d like to go see a movie with me?” Makoto asked, “Just as friends of course.” he added to reassure me that we were still friends.
    “Sure! Sounds like fun. What are we going to see?”
    “How about Martial Art Magic? It’s based off of the TV series on Cartoonapalooza.”
    “Oh yea, that show was awesome, I’d love to go see the movie. So when are we going?”
    “I’ll come pick you up in about 15 minutes.”
    “Ok, see you then.”
    What! 15 minutes! Couldn’t you have told me this sooner! I still have to get dressed! Ugh, I couldn’t tell him that, I don’t want him to think that I need a lot of time to get ready for a non-date, but I still want to look great for him even if we aren’t dating. I don’t know why, but I guess I’m still hoping for something. I quickly put on my nice, light-blue, shirt and my favorite pair of jeans, put on some make-up, brushed through my straight, blond hair, and put on my Keyblade necklace, and I was finally ready. And there, in my driveway was Makoto’s awesome red Porsche that he got from his dad.
    “Hey Keya” Makoto said calmly. His face appeared absolutely joyful, his gleaming, green sunburst-looking eyes peering into my unusual deep violet ones, studying them.
    “Hi Makoto ^,^”
    “You look beautiful today ^,^ as usual”
    “Thanks!” I responded looking away to hide my blush. He is sooo sweet and cute ^,^. His shaggy, dark, brown hair, looked to be made of silk, and his tall, lean body just made me want to hug him. For most of the ride to the movie theater we just quietly listened to the radio and I could tell from my peripheral that he was looking at me. He finally broke the silence between us and said:
    “You know…you have very interesting eyes” he said in a soft, silky voice.
    “Yeah, they’re pretty creepy, aren’t they.”
    “Actually, I think that they are beautiful.” I instantly swung my hair forward looking down for a minute in an almost hopeless attempt to hide the warm red that was starting to invade my face again. Ok, it is definitely obvious that he had a crush on me as well ^,^…too bad that things can’t work out between us sad .
    “Thank you” I mumbled out of courtesy. Out of the corner of my eye I saw his hand twitch in my direction and then stopped halfway towards my hand; I looked up at him, but he turned his face toward the window, probably fighting back a blush as well. He quickly glanced back at me and I smiled at him warmly; he smiled back. His hand is soo close, all I’d have to do is close the small distance between our hands and our feelings for each other would be clear. But no… I have to keep this relationship simple, (sigh) this is going to be a long difficult day of restraint.
    Soon enough, we got to the movie theater. We both sat comfortably in the dark, quiet theater throughout the movie, he even let me use the armrest in between us. Halfway through, he leaned over to me, gently pressing his arm against mine, to whisper comment about the movie to make me laugh, and I did ^,^. However, when he was done whispering, he pulled his head back toward the middle of his seat, but kept his arm against mine. In just that small act, I felt like there was static all around us, emanating from our arms touching. I couldn’t bear to move my arm so I kept it there for the rest of the movie, knowing that this is probably as close to him as I was ever going to get. After the movie, he took me home, fireworks going off all around us for the 4th of July, as well as in my stomach, I could feel our feelings for each other growing stronger. (sigh), I wonder if I should try to ask him out. Maybe he’ll be ok dating his ex-friend’s ex-girlfriend… “Hey, Makoto…” just then we pulled into my driveway.
    “Yea?” he asked.
    “I was wondering… if you’d…like to come over tomorrow afternoon and hang out?” I chickened out, I just couldn’t do it.
    “Sure smile , sounds good to me. I’ll be over around 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. Is that ok?”
    “Yea ^,^ I’ll see you then.”
    “Alright, see ya. Bye smile .”
    “Bye” and with that, I walked inside and went downstairs into my room, and continued to play Kingdom Hearts II, for about the fifth time, to forget about the frustration of having to hide my emotions.

    * * *

    That night, I finished Kingdom Hearts II at around 10:00, so I put on my white nightgown and went to bed…
    Next thing I knew, there was a black hole in my room and it seemed like something was coming out of it, but I couldn’t tell. Then I was plunged into a giant sphere grid driving a gummi ship.

    When my mind finally woke up, I realized that it was just a dream. But, wait a minute, if I was sleeping, then why was my bed so hard and cold? So then I opened my eyes to find myself in a bare, white room with bars for a door and in the back of the room was… Organization XIII’s symbol from Kingdom Hearts II?!
    “Where am I?!”
    “Oh, so you have finally woken up Keya.”
    “Wh- who’s there?” I asked, hoping that this was still part of my dream.
    “It’s only me… Zexion. I have brought you here because -”
    “Zexion! No way! You don’t exist! You belong in my video game!! Wait! Have you brought me to the World that Never Was?! A-and my world was just disconnected from all the rest! Why have you brought me here?!”
    “Okaaay, well as I was saying, I have brought you here because… (sniff, sniff) hmmm… Boss is here.-,-”
    “You mean Xemnas… is alive?!”
    “I see that you have studied your other-world games”, said a deep, dark voice. Just then, I saw a man in a black cloak; of course I would be able to recognize that cloak and voice anywhere, it was…
    “Xemnas! What do you want with me?!”
    “What? No ‘hello’? No ‘how are you’? You hurt my feelings”
    “Ha! Yeah right! I know that Nobodies don’t have hearts!”
    “Hey! Show the Boss some respect!” shouted the younger voice of…Kadaj?! And Loz and Yazoo?!
    “What are you guys doing in the World that Never Was? Following Xemnas?! Whatever happened to Mother? Did she get her head shattered? haha^,^”
    “Hey! Don’t talk about her like that” whimpered Loz
    “hmf, don’t -”
    “Don’t cry Loz” I said ,laughing as I stole Yazoo’s line.
    “Don’t worry brothers”, said Kadaj, “Listen girl! Our mother wanted us to help the Boss”
    “Enough!” said Xemnas “Kadaj! You and your brothers need to go and complete that mission that I told you to accomplish.”
    “Yes sir” the brothers said just before leaving in a dark portal.
    “Anyways, Keya, I will show you to your room.” Just then, a white door appeared on the wall.
    “No way! There is no way that I’m going to be your prisoner!” and with that, Zexion threw me through the door and everything went blank.