• ''Hey, stop already, Nicole!'' Nicole had been my best friend since we were in diapers. ''Sorry.'' She said while she stopped making faces at Greg and Dylan. The bell rang. ''Good morning class. I'm going to give you ten minutes of writing, and we'll talk about the project were working on.'' Said my homeroom teacher, Mrs.Bloom. I got out my notebook. I stared at the paper. Then I just started writing. I had no idea what I was writing abut though. I looked down at the paper then noticed I was writing about my birthday. It's in six weeks only! I was thinking about having a party at that new place downtown...I started writing about the idea. Then, Mrs.Bloom suddenly yelled, ''Okay, put your notebooks in your desk. We'll discuss the schedule..'' Blah blah blah blah. After 5 more minutes, the good old bell rang. ''Well, we'll discuss the rest of our science project tomorrow.'' She said. Everybody spread out the room. Nicole walked out behind me. We walked to our lockers. ''So, how's Olivia?'' Asked Nicole as she opened her locker. Olivia was my six year old cousin who lived with me because her parents died. ''Shes okay.'' Olivia's school was right across the street from our school. I picked her up everyday day after school. I got my books, and closed my locker. Nicole had her books already. We walked to Math class.

    School was boring...as usual to me. Nicole and I were like Identical twins..but different lifestyle.
    She loved school, I hated school. She dresses kinda nerdy (No offence Nicole), I dressed like I was the queen of fashion. Everybody calls her smart, Everybody calls me..well...popular. I'm not really ''popular'', everybody just calls me that, really.