• My heart was no longer beating. It was racing against time to live.

    "Your family! What about them?!"
    October 1, 2009. 20:06 PM CT
    His wrist was sweaty because of my grasp, but I hadn't dare let go. U.J didn't speak, but continued running down Mc Phillips.
    "They don't matter! Benedict will be fine! As for my mom and dad..."
    Silence fell, as he stopped to take a breath. The voices had faded a minute ago, but they lost them after running on Monarch.
    "..They'll protect him. I'm so sure of it."
    I was out of breath, tired, and already sick of it all. Nothing had even happened, but somehow someone was trying to murder us! I looked up at his face in the dark. The moons rays shone on his face as he closed his eyes, leaning against the walls of Andrew Mynarski. It was almost perfect. He looked innocent, frightened, but brave and strong.
    A noise that resembled shattering glass broke through the air, and was carried on the wind. I was warm, and felt sweat roll down my face. An arm went around my waist.
    "Don't worry..."
    I immediately pulled back. My face was red, I was so sure of it! But then again, when your frightened and on the run, what does it matter?
    "The Raven has struck! He has struck!"
    A panicked voice filled the air now as people came out of their houses, with worried faces. The children held onto their parents hands, or hid themselves behind them. Police sirens, and cars came to the scene in less than a minute.
    "You two.."
    A police man walked up to us. He looked down, knelt and looked at us straight in the eye, with an ice cold glare.
    "Did you see him? Did you see the Raven?"
    Tears rolled down my cheeks. I couldn't help it. I was kind of weak around authority. Especially since he was staring at us like criminals! His eyes were like daggers, piercing my skin. How could I not cry?
    "No sir. But we did hear glass shattering. C'mon, Jeli, don't cry..!"
    A gentle pat on my shoulder, and a reassuring smile brought me back to reality.
    "..We're on the run.. Someone... someone ruined our school's annual barbecue! And, and.. someone else.. a girl..! Red eyes... said someone.. was going to kill me.. Next.. on roster.. list... Mirrors..."
    I began to sob once more. What was he going to do? Would he think I was the Great Thief, The Raven?! Of course not, but my hunches told me something not so great was about to happen to both me and U.J.. The man walked off, and shook his head to his fellow police officer. They went walking around, asking people standing, just watching this unfold.
    "b*****d. Thought nothing of it..." U.J. muttered angrily. "Can you stand? Maybe walk.. even better, run?"
    I used his hand to help me up. I was wobbly. Very wobbly. I felt like a top, at its limit of spinning, about to tip over.
    "Y-Yeah... I think I can manage to jog. But you might have to help me."
    "Grab onto my wrist again. We'll make it somewhere safe."
    "U.J .... I want to go home.. I'm so scared... I can't take any of this!" I admitted. I never admitted that I was afraid. I would say I was nervous. But not actually scared to say the word.
    "We don't have a choice here. Let's keep going."
    We trudged on in the night. The police sirens sounded until 2 A.M. The Great Thief was nowhere to be found.
    "I'll take guard. Rest for two hours U.J. I can sleep with lights on. So its okay."
    After a long argument of who should go first, he restlessly agreed. I took a walk. A nice slow walk. With the moon's position shifting, it was getting a little warmer. The breeze got a little stronger. It was beautiful. I shook slightly, but the paranoia of the little girl, the blood on my forehead... what did it all come down to?
    "You alright, girl? You seem upset about something."
    A shadow walked towards me. The figure looked shady, not even a human figure! I backed up, not wanting to find out who he was. I strayed too far from U.J.! But I knew the way back. He was just in the way.
    "Haha. I won't hurt you. I'll even give you my name to report to the police."
    I hit a fence anyways, so what choice did I have?
    "Th-Th-Th-That scarf! Y-Y-Y-Your...!"
    The man folded his arms.
    "I'm a mere child too. By the looks of it, you look about 11 or 12. I'm only slightly older than you. So why be frightened?"
    "Because what kind of kid says "mere"?!" I asked angrily. He cornered me, and now he was teasing me?!
    "I know who you are! I can report you, right now!"
    He laughed at me. My temper rose. i was ready to punch him in the face, and hit him in the happy sack. That way, my heel and his bag would get to know each other.
    "Because you know what my physique is? You have no idea. Who I am, I mean."
    I threw my fist at his face, and closed my eyes tightly. I had never punched someone in the face, and I wasn't about to witness my own wrong doing. When my hand hit something, I opened them and looked at the man. The face.. was so familiar.
    I was ready to scream. The voice that called my name.. He must of figured out I was gone.
    "Tsk, tsk. Anjelica is it?"
    "Ow! S-S-Stop...! Th-That hurts!"
    The man twisted my wrist, and pulled it back, until my face was inches away from his.
    "Your face was familiar... But I couldn't put my finger on it. Thanks to your friend over there, I know who you are.. For certain this time."
    He was pulling me closer. I didn't want THAT to happen! I kept struggling. Eventually he had to let go right?
    A gloved finger was put to my lips. The white glove glowed in the light, but I couldn't speak nonetheless. I was really frightened now. He knew me beforehand.. He has the scarf with wings, and the red jewel connecting them...! It couldn't be him..! But it isn't... But isn't it?!
    A feeling of pain shot through my body from my neck. I heard the man chuckle.
    "Consider that.. a way of.. saying.. 'I'll see you soon.' Police will be hear soon.. And with the state your in, an arrest is in order.."
    I gasped for air. The area around me felt smaller. I couldn't breathe properly....

    October 3, 2009. 08:41 AM CT
    "May.... know."
    "Not.... good... counseling."
    ".... responsible..."
    "It was you! Don't even think about it! She kept mumbling scarf, thief, raven...!"
    I opened my left eye. I saw U.J... I always wanted to him first thing when I wake up.. But not when I'm connected to machines. He was talking to another person.
    "I assure you, I'm no thief. In fact, how can you explain my alibi for last night? I was at a party until 1:30! I fell asleep there!"
    "That voice!" I said to myself. I found I couldn't move. My arm was weighing me down, and I was tired.
    "Hehe.. I expect to see you at court, squirming in the defendants chair."
    I saw U.J's mad face. It always meant, "Don't screw with me or I swear something's gonna break!" He finally saw me.
    "Fill me in?"
    Everything he said, filled my head with questions, several with no answers.
    "..and theres this at the scene of the crime."
    He picked a card out of his bag.
    "What the..?!"
    I could of fainted again. But the night I encountered the man, it was of blood loss apparently. Yet, the identity of the him was concealed, even though it was known.
    "You really...? It says here you kissed him!"
    I put my finger to my lips.
    "No way man. My lips are pure! Gimme that card!"
    I ripped it out of his hands with my left hand. My broken wrist ached as I took it, but I was numb, considering what was on the card.
    "The Raven.." I whispered. The card was black. It had two wings, one over the other. A red jewel connected the wings, and its legs. The legs, with three talons, only meant one thing.
    "You found me?"
    "Yeah and-"
    "Your the prime suspect now."
    "Yeah, also-"
    "Your due to the detention center, and need a lawyer, but can't get in contact with anyone who will take the case."
    "...That it before you cut in again?"
    I made a half smirk half pout face. I nodded.
    "Er.. It's not that I like you or anything! But.. I know your studying to be a lawyer. A defense lawyer at that.. I mean, I.. I overheard you talking to Daisy about it!"
    I made a full smirk this time.
    "You mean when we were laying in the grass, isolated from everyone else, talking about what we wanted to do as we get older?"
    "Yeah! I mean NO! Definitely not then! I-It was in class! Swear! Anyways.. Can you.. defend me?"
    I stared blankly at him. I was hallucinating. I HAD to be! Who in their right mind would ask a 12 year old to be their defense lawyer?!
    "The other guy..."
    "The prosecutor, or crown attorney.."
    "Yeah.... She.. You won't like this one bit."
    There was only one thing I could think of that could be worse than him being arrested under suspicion of assault. THAT girl. That nuisance.. Who copied my every move!
    "I don't need to tell you, do I?"
    "Not. At. All." I said bitterly. "It's obviously Elaisah, right? That rich girl... Nothing good comes out of her mouth. Really bad trait since she's always spouting things."
    "She's the pros.. the procute person. I hear she has people investigating."
    "Prosecutor. Of course she does." I rolled my eyes. "She just has to out do what I do, huh?"
    I was motivated now. I easily stood up, and my wrist didn't hurt much. I put my normal clothes over the hospital gown, and took the gown off. Fully dressed without exposing any thing at all. One of the greatest things I learned to prepare for camp.
    "I'm investigating this case too! Can you call Daisy for me? I need her to help me out. And Bianca. Her size might be an advantage to us."
    He nodded, and walked off to the front desk. I fixed the bed, and he came jogging back into the room as I folded the extra blanket.
    "It's Daisy."
    "Toss me the phone."
    "Hell no. Come over here and get it."
    I sighed. I walked over quickly, and sat on the bed.
    "Yup! Give me the run of events. That booger wouldn't tell me much. Except what happened to you! Speak up now!"
    "Connect Bianca first. We need her short-ness to conduct a good investigation worthy to beat HER."
    "Oh my gosh! HER? THE Lais?"
    "Please, no puns. Just get her connected!"
    Another ringtone sounded, and I covered the speaker, and listened as Daisy asked for Bianca. A voice shouted Bianca really loudly, and I kind of yelled. So, SOMEONE was laughing while Bianca answered the phone.
    "Don't mind Daisy, she's just whack."
    "Jel, your all over the news! What happened?"
    "Don't get your undies in a bunch, I'll get to it once she shuts up."
    The laughter came to an abrupt stop. Giggling was still heard, but it was enough for me.
    "Okay, well.. You won't believe me, but you have to. Because.. wait hold on."
    I pushed the button on the phone so U.J could talk too.
    "The court date is set for two days from now. We have today and tomorrow to investigate. Then its time for court.... Except I'll be behind bars." U.J explained.
    "WHOA WHO WAS THAT?" Daisy asked.
    "Wow, Hana-Chan.. So amazed. It's a boy. Who would be with Anjelica?"
    "Oh.. U.J.. Hehe.. My bad... S-"
    "OH MY GOODNESS HOLD ON A SECOND. JAIL?" Bianca seemed to be screaming at this point. I covered my ears and U.J just laughed.
    "Yeah. Found her on the ground with blood. Got owned, I guess. OW!"
    I punched his arm mercilessly.
    "Pft. You got owned." Bianca said. I could just imagine a smirk on her face.
    "Tell us. We're sooo off topic!" Daisy whined.
    "U.J. Go." I commanded. I really didn't want to recount that night, so I made him turn off speaker phone. When he finished, we agreed to meet at 5, at Northgate to get ice cream, then do our investigation.
    October 3, 2009. 17:04 PM CT
    "All here?"
    "I want mine dipped!"
    "I don't want mine in a cone.."
    "Who cares?" I said annoyed. I looked around the Dairy Queen. It was empty. Except for a few people eating at the dining area. An employee finally appeared.
    "Can I have one vanilla ice cream cone, dipped?"
    "Oooh make that two!" Daisy cried. I swear, the guy behind the counter was secretly making fun of us. I sighed.
    "One vanilla sundae. And can I have a pack of nuts?" Bianca said.
    "Pfffff! Thats what she said!" I said quietly. Everyone laughed. Even the guy as he got our ice cream.
    "Shut up...!"
    This time, I was punched mercilessly. Luckily, no one else was here to witness it.
    "Look what the cat dragged in. Dead birds."
    ...Or so I thought.
    Elaisah stood in front of us, high and mighty. Being the same height doesn't give any advantage. After all, her bodyguards were around her anyways.
    "My detectives are on the scene. How is it it was so close to here?"
    "I'm U.J's defense attorney." I replied bitterly.
    "Oh, Uriel Jamesons? Ha. His name is ridiculous. How could you defend him, when there is clearly objects that show he cut your neck?"
    "Because I was the victim." I said dully. She was making me feel smaller and smaller.
    "Oh?! Have fun defending Ariel the Mermaid. You'll need it." She smirked as she walked out of the door, leaving an uppity impression on everyone around us.
    "Pffft! Thats his name?!" Daisy said, holding in laughter. I punched her lightly, but enough to get my point through.
    "Lemme kill her, Jel, pleeaaase?!"
    "Bee, if you do that, I'm not defending you since you just confessed." I sighed, and bit the chocolate dip off of my ice cream. This was going to be a long day.. On top of that, a fierce battle for evidence. Ugh! I can't stand how my life turns out sometimes! Daisy's phone rang.
    "Hello? Oh.. Jel, for you." She handed me the phone.
    "What is it?"
    "When you visit me tomorrow to keep me updated, can you bring food? They serve disgusting food most of the time. But tonight, their treating the criminals! To plain burger patties and buns!"
    "..I laugh at you. Okay. Don't hate if you don't like it!"
    "One more thing! I won't see you much after this if I get arrested. And its easier over the phone than anywhere else... Want to.. spend time after this is all over?"
    "...Sure! Yeah, okay."
    I hung up. I guess, sometimes in life, there are things that make up for your misfortunes. They bring you the greatest happiness in life.
    "Oooh, what'd he say? Your all red!" Daisy poked me, and I punched her again. All she did was laugh at me..
    "Eh? You said 'Sure!' at the end.. Did he..?! No way!" Bianca exclaimed. I nodded, slightly surprised. I thought it'd be better... Not when hes in jail!
    "....You can't run... Your life needs to be gone..!"
    I spun around. It was that voice again.. The voice I never wanted to hear again!
    "No! Keep running! Once this is over, you have to escape!"
    "Stupid girl, she's already dying! She's dying inside wanting to save him!"
    "Take him! Take him and run! Ignore the blood! It's only foreseen in the future!"
    I was really confused. Until I noticed what she said.
    Blood pooled around my feet. The red tainted my shoes.
    I gasped. Blood... Blood...! It was everywhere. Everything was tainted... Blood was pouring out of Bianca's neck. The red liquid was on Daisy's face.. Scars and wounds that looked so deep, she could of died from gaining them!
    "Tell me! Tell me you can see it!"
    "The.. The blood!" I cried.
    My own face appeared before me.
    "Your death..! It's coming..! Run! Out of this country! Only two can protect you!"
    Blood dripped down my reflections face, while tears dripped down my own.
    "I can't die! I won't die! I have something to live for!" I screamed.
    "Fine... but if you have to see it, then you will. I am your soul." The girl I was looking at.. Me.. My soul. Its wistful voice was soothing but alerting at the same time.
    "Within more than two months, your autopsy report is to be made. That is, your bodies conditions after you die.. And I'll show you what happened to me..."

    Pictures of myself, of memories I never had, passed before my eyes. Until the slide show stopped, I would be stuck here inside my soul, instead of my soul inside me.