• "Settle down class, we have a new student."
    I looked up. Average boy, about 14 years of age seemed likely. Brown hair with gold and black highlights. Grungy clothes. Assessment- unknown. Name-
    "Rebecka, are you charting the students again? You know that's against the rules!"
    I rolled my eyes. "Just checkin' him out my way, Tessa."
    She shrugged. "If you wanna know his name, ask him! Teach assigned his seat next to ya!" I reddened. I shuffled my papers to my writing project for history about the history of any mutant we chose. I chose to ask for a different topic, since my parents hate mutants. But maybe this boy-
    "Hey." he said. "My name's Brian. What's your name, babe?"
    I was about to open my mouth when Tessa blurted out "I'm Tessa. The loser between us is Rebecka. Just push her to switch seats." He did so, laughing.

    Why me?