• If I knew that today was going to be the worst day of my life. If I knew that the call was going to make me almost die right there I would have let the phone go. But I didn’t. That’s the thing. You don’t know what’s going to happen and you can’t regret what does.


    I decided then that I was going to call Zane. I couldn’t let what happened last night wreck our fake relationship. I picked up the phone by my bed and dialed his number. I frowned as it went straight to voicemail. I did it again. Same. I frowned. He never had his phone off. The 10th time I called I stopped and decided I would call my parents. It rang 4 times then dad picked up. “Hey bud!” he said cheerfully.

    “Dad, hey. How is everything going?” I asked hopeful. He laughed sounding a little nervous. “Pretty good.” I frowned.

    “Ooh! Let me talk to her!” I heard in the background. It was mom.

    “Ok here,” dad said.

    “Hey baby!” mom said all happy.

    “Hey. Are you guys ok?” I asked. Mom giggled.

    “Yeah we’re fine! Actually were great!” this surprised me.

    “So it’s working?” she giggled again and said something to my dad.

    “Yes it is. So how is everything there with you?” I sighed. I wanted to gush my heart out to her and I was about to when I heard her saying something to my dad then she giggled. “Oh Mark, stop it! I’m talking to our daughter!” I gagged mentally. “Sorry honey what is it?” I knew they weren’t stopping.

    “Mom, its just…..I think I really lo—“

    “Mark! Don’t tickle me!” she screeched on the phone. I clenched my teeth. “Honey, how about I call you back in about—“ giggle. “--- 20 minutes? Your father---“ giggle. “--- is being a butt!” I was pissed at this point.

    “Whatever.” I turned off the phone and threw it across my bed. I curled my legs to my chest and put my chin on my knees. Tears formed in my eyes. My mother won’t even talk to me. I have no friends. I could call Candice but she wouldn’t understand. I bit my lip and stared off at the wall with a boy band poster on it. What did I get myself into? I’ve tangled a web. I’m the fly in the web struggling to get away while two big spiders are making their way across the web to kill me. To string me up and feed me to their young. I jumped as my phone vibrated. I rolled my eyes. Probably mom saying she was done screwing my father! I thought sarcastically. I picked up the phone and looked at the number. I frowned as I didn’t recognize it. I picked it up anyhow. “Hello?” I asked.

    “Olivia!” Jane said her voice sobbing. “Olivia, Zane….Zane….he’s in the hospital.” At that moment every sound and nerve in my body froze. My mind went completely blank. But then I saw a vision of him. His eyes smiling with his eyes. That strange smile that I couldn’t figure out meant. Then everything came rushing back like a giant wave.

    “What?” I asked breathless. She sobbed.

    “He got into a fight with Scott…..and….and they started to fight. Zane….he got hurt very badly and he’s in the hospital.” I swallowed hard. Zane, he’s hurt. Olivia! You need to go now! “Where?” I demanded. Anger rushed in me just as quick and I wanted to murder Scott.

    “The main one. I’m here now.”

    “I’m coming.” I said hanging up.