• Her smiles will haunt him in his dreams, tender and painful Like a needle to a nerve damaged limb. Pacing through the crowd he desperately searched, looking wildly around for any signs of her.

    Her scent.

    Her Blush.

    Her star fallen gaze.

    Running now, shoving people out of his way, out of his life, and through the hazardous mist and up the stairs. His heart was stammering in his chest, skipping beats, sending panic racing in the pit of his stomach.


    The rooftop, finally. Where they first met, first kissed, first made love, first shared a picnic in the middle of the night under the stars. He walked to the edge and smiled, looking of to the left, a dark gargoyle perched on the ledge.

    She had named him Claus...

    He shifted, his gaze dropping 23 floors bellow, the small dots moving in and out of his fixed vision. People busying themselves with their day.

    "Peter..." a voice whispered, and the man jerked his head up. She was there. His love, his life.

    "Carmille..." he sobbed, stepping closer. She floated in the air, her arms outstretched, beckoning to him.

    "Come here my darling... we can be together now... forever."

    He stepped closer, tears streaming down his face. "Yes..."

    The image shifted closer, her features twisting into something more cynical, demonic. "Yesss..." she hissed, but Peter was in too much of a haze to care.

    "Forever... I love you..." He took one more step... into air. His arms reaching for his beloved, then holding onto her tightly as he fell.

    The ground came closer, his weight leading him closer to the concrete floor. His back was to the asphalt, his fingers entwining with Carmille's.

    "How I've missed you..." he whispered in her ear.

    But then she started to pull back, frowning. "I thought you were stronger than this." her words were cold, though spoken softly.

    "Wha...?" Peter felt the sickening panic well up inside of him again. "Carmille-"

    "Goodbye my sweet." And then she was gone.

    "No, not goodbye! Carmille! CARMILLE-!"