• Yoshinski was a good boy, and after a long conversation with him, I begun to like him.... A LOT! In his life he'd been just like ME when I'd BEEN alive, a talented soul who never got the opportunity's he deserved, and then it was time to finally explain where EXACTLY he was

    "Well... in this land, I have waited a long time to find someone as nice and genuinely humble as you. You deserve to live Yoshinski, and I am here to offer you that chance" I said, in my most humble voice. As I'd been talking he'd started crying, and he was trying to speak to me, so I listened intently
    "I did this to END my life and my suffering, NO WAY am I ever gonna go back, it's not like I CAN anyway!!" He was fuming, when he spoke so as a desperate attempt to bring him round to my way of thinking, I opened THE BOOK!!
    That book had sent over 30 other people his age back to the living realm, I showed him the first page, it contained a photo of him as a baby, with his mother and father bending over him. "This is you as a baby, and that's your parents, am I correct?" I asked him wryly, "Yeah I guess they loved me huh?" he replied solemnly, I felt every word, like a bullet straight to my heart, this ALWAYS happened, but not like this.
    The next page contained a picture of him as a two year old, at a fair with a huge ball of candy-floss on a stick twice as long as his arms.
    "See, you were very lucky, when I was alive I lived in absolute poverty"
    I said, surprised at myself, I'd never opened my heart like this to anyone.
    "Well yeah, I was kinda lucky" he said, the words even more painful for me and him.
    The next page contained all of his school photo's up to this year.
    "I never got THIS kind of education!" I said, feeling my emotions flare with passion for Yoshinski.
    "I bet only a couple of kids get PRIVATE education where I lived" He said, sounding very regretful now,
    the rest of the book was empty, never had I seen a life so short. He'd been only 13 when he'd killed himself, it usually takes over 20 years for people to make that decision.
    I leant over to him and I felt his DEAD heart beating rapidly, as if he was coming back to life. I was confused, human organs were NEVER supposed to flare up when they were still in the hell of the damned.
    He suddenly screamed, "I WANNA GO BAAACK" his voice sounding strained, but still truthful.
    Then a bright light shone onto him, and suddenly it engulfed me and him, I felt so scared so alive so... HUMAN.
    I felt the senses come back into my body, and saw yoshinski lying soaking next to me, laughing all the same, I started laughing too... suddenly two people I recognized as being Yoshinski's mom and dad, gasped and ran to us, "MOM, DAD" Yoshinski shouted triumphantly, "Yoshinski! Your father and I thought you were dead.. what happened, and who in god's name is this??" Yasmin said gasping, "I'm josh, and I brought your son back here, and in turn he brought me back too, and I thank him for doing that for me"
    And that is how the story ends