• He continued to examine the glass door and tried to find a way to open it, but it wouldn’t budge. She continued to look at him wondering why he kept trying, she knew nothing would work, they both did, but he still tried. He began to talk to himself as he looked all around him, and yet there was nothing in that room that could help him. “Doc?” she said as he looked at her; he pressed the button on his screwdriver hoping it would work, but he knew it wouldn’t. They both knew it. She let a small smile make an appearance on her face, a smile full of all the adventures they had together, all the laughs, the tears everything.

    Everything that surrounded her was slowly disappearing; it was all gone, as if it never existed. If only his screwdriver was working he could open the glass doors, pull her in, and never let her go but that wasn’t going to happen. If only he could hold her one last time. “I’ll see you again sometime” she said as the tears began to form, her thick British accent was lost in the darkness that was coming at her, ready to consume her.

    “I’ll see you again sometime” he replied wishing that his screwdriver would work. She nodded her head as the tears began to spill over, but she kept that same smile on her face “I’ll be looking forward to it.” He clenched his jaw to keep himself from yelling for it all to stop, but no matter what happened if he yelled, if he went back to stop their meeting, nothing could stop it.

    Five years later….

    It had been five years since that day and she was waiting for him to find her. Just waiting. She clutched the bag to her side and continued walking; everyone seemed to be staring at her that day, why they were doing it. She didn’t know. They were staring at her like they did when she arrived at the planet, as if something was about to happen. The she stopped; a feeling of familiarity struck her like lightening as it struck a tree. She felt like she was standing in that little police box with so much room inside and those same pair of eyes were staring at her. A rush o fear ran through her as she began to turn her head. What was happening? What’s this feeling? What is this? All these questions and more ran through her mind she turned her body to the side. Her eyes darted from side to side looking at everything and everyone as she tried to find the answers for the questions that buzzed through her mind.

    There he was, standing tall with his hands in his pocket and that same smile plastered on his face that she loved so much. She didn’t know what to do; should she smile, should she cry? Should she laugh? What?!! Nevertheless, he just stood there smiling at her like he just saved the world once again. What happened next was a blur; all she knew was that she heard the sound of her bag hitting the ground and she felt the wind whistling past her as she ran to him. In mere seconds, his arms were wrapped securely around her and she knew that they would never be separated again.